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The Korean artist Puuung has the gift of immortalizing moments of love through his works of art. It expresses perfectly and with simplicity the most important aspects of a romantic relationship. On his account Grafolio where he posts his illustrations, he says:

"Everyone is concerned with love, and the best thing about this noble feeling is its positive influence on all aspects of our lives, even the smallest ones. I take these little things out of life and recreate hidden messages through my series of illustrations. "

Puuung believes that love does not need great gestures or complexity to exist, for one can know and appreciate it through small things.

If you are currently in a couple, you will probably recognize yourself in these representations of a relationship full of love and support.

Here is how this artist sees and represents love:

1 - Make a cuddle to the person you love

2 - Tucking the person you love in bed

3 - Take a nap for two on the sofa

4 - Preparing to eat together

5 - Watch your favorite movie or series together

6 - Spend a day doing nothing but relax

7 - Snuggling in each other's arms

8 - Compose an album filled with your most cute photos

9 - Taking care of your lover

10 - Supporting each other when times are hard

11 - Surprise each other

12 - Show you that you are holding on to each other

13 - Taking care of your pets together

14 - Dancing as if you were alone in the world

15 - Getting ready together

16 - Share your food with your lover

17 - Prepare a dinner for your lover

18 - Making life easier for the other

19 - Dreaming of each other

20 - Singing Together

21 - To offer one another undoubted love and support

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