beauty tips woman should know to make themselves beautiful

Want to make yourself beautiful without spending a lot of money? Discover an array of ingenious tricks to make your routine beauty and care everyday easier!

To succeed in your make-up and your beauty treatments, you are not supposed to turn to expensive products, quite the contrary ... What you need? Easy and natural tricks for a perfect varnish pose, healthy eyelashes and hair, and a luminous complexion!

1. To lighten hair naturally

Lemon has proven itself in natural medicine and beauty care. Thanks to its natural whitening power, the lemon is very prized for lightening the skin and the teeth, but also the hair.

For a natural sweep, simply apply lemon juice to your hair, away from the sun to avoid damaging them, then let it act a few minutes before rinsing. Renew this tip once a week, you will be amazed at the result!

2. For long and bulky eyelashes

We all dream of voluminous and naturally curved lashes ... Well ladies, did you know that you could have beautiful eyelashes without even using mascara?

Using a hair dryer, warm your lash curler before using it! Remember that to avoid losing your lashes, you should never apply mascara before using the eyelash curler.

3. To reduce dark circles

The secret of a good camouflage dark circles lies in a good application of your anticerne. You must draw a triangle with your anticernus, whose tip touches the cheekbone and the base covers the lower part of the eye. Let stand for about 2 minutes before patting and spreading the product.

4. Make-up remover

Get rid of industrial products to remove make-up, and replace them with natural products! Opt for olive oil or coconut oil to not only make-up your skin, but also moisturize, repair and nourish it deep.

5. A ponytail for more voluminous hair!

To give volume to your hair, just adopt trompe-l'œil hairstyles. To give the illusion of a thicker and longer hair, make a trompe-l'oeil ponytail!

Separate your hair into 2 parts: the first gathering the locks of the upper part and the second one containing the locks of the lower part of the skull. Then, make 2 stacked ponytails. The illusion will be perfect.

6. For a successful varnish installation

Do you have trouble making a varnished pose without overflowing? We have the best trick for you: just use liquid latex! Apply this product on the edges of the nails and allow to dry before varnishing your nails. Then apply your varnish and remove the latex to get rid of the varnish on the edges!
Liquid latex is available in perfumeries, in the shops of disguises and make-up.

7. Moisturize your lips!

For pink, hydrated and attractive lips, remember to erase them regularly! To do this, mix cinnamon and sugar then rub your lips by making circular movements. Rinse and repeat the tip 2 to 3 times a week.

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