Child New Human Species China

With over one billion inhabitants, China is the most populous country in the world. Of all the children who grow up there, only one has attracted the attention of its teachers and journalists thanks to its incredible visual faculties. Discover the story of Nong Yousui, the cat-eyed child.

We have already heard of cases of exceptional children who have left doctors perplexed, such as this blue-eyed baby while his two parents are African, or who speaks a language other than that of his parents ... Here is a new Case: this child has visual faculties similar to that of a cat.

The story of Nong Yousui

In the Dahua region of southern China, a young mother gave birth to a little boy who later became the star of her village. Soon after his birth, the parents of this little Chinese boy noticed that he had something different: his eyes were of a beautiful blue color, which no one else in the family, either paternal or maternal, possessed. They sought advice from the pediatrician, who reassured them that their eyes were working normally.

However, as he grew up, the little one suffered regularly from headaches and his teacher noticed that he had trouble playing in full sun. He kept constantly pleated eyes to limit the amount of light, and after a while, his sight was blurred. After a visit to the ophthalmologist, the child was diagnosed with visual leukoderma. It is a disease that causes a depigmentation of the eyes, which gives them a very clear color and increases their sensitivity to light.

Pushing things a little further, the teacher also asked the child if he could see well in the dark, and the latter answered in the affirmative. He added that he often had fun catching locusts at night, without using a flashlight or any other light source.

By sharing the extraordinary prowess of the little one on the Internet, the professor aroused the curiosity of a Pekingese journalist, who traveled to ensure the veracity of this incredible story.

So he met Nong Yousui and asked him to participate in some experiments, such as reading or recognizing playing cards while being in a room completely deprived of light. The results were astounding because the child could see the cards perfectly and answered the questions correctly, even those that filled blanks.

And if a light is projected on the eyes of the little one in the black, these reflect it exactly in the same way as that of a cat, which earned him the nickname of "child-cat".

Faced with this strange case, scientists are still wondering whether this is the result of an unexplained genetic mutation or one step closer to a new human species ...

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