3 Effective Tricks to Stop Thigh Pain

To have roundness is a feminine asset very appreciated by men, but which is accompanied by some small inconveniences in the woman who has them. Among them, a very common and rather troublesome problem: the friction of the thighs. 

This phenomenon, which sometimes becomes painful and causes irritation throughout the area of friction, prevents the women who suffer from it from dressing as they want especially in summer where perspiration is at the rendezvous. If you are part of these, here's how you get rid of it once and for all!

The problem of the friction of the thighs is not only a question of size but also of morphology. Some thin women also suffer from it and experience warm-up in the area of contact, redness and sometimes even burns which prevent them from continuing the walk. To find a solution, some of them have opted for shorts, whose edges have the annoying mania of rolling on themselves and of going up, which is not very nice to see, while others Were more radical, and gave up wearing dresses or skirts.

To avoid all this and remain free in your choice of dress, we have found for you the three best ways to combat thigh friction.

3 effective ways to get rid of thigh friction:

An anti-friction cream:

Available in pharmacies and parapharmacies, these creams are slowly absorbed by the skin, allowing the thighs to slide instead of rubbing one with the other. Their thick but non-greasy texture leaves no trace on your clothes, while moisturizing and soothing your epidermis. They are also resistant to perspiration and provide maximum protection that can last all day.

Olive oil :

Natural and very beneficial to the skin, olive oil is one of the best solutions against this problem. Keep a bottle in your bathroom and apply a nut on the inside of your thighs after the shower. So you nourish and moisturize your skin while avoiding feeling this warm-up feeling as you go about your daily activities.

The strips:

Available in all sizes and designs, these strips are extremely comfortable to wear and effective against thigh friction. With a silicone contour that allows them to stay in place despite your movement, they prevent your thighs from touching while being invisible under your clothes, even the lightest ones. Moreover, even if they see themselves, they are very feminine.

Some tips to soothe skin from the inside of the thighs:

If the damage is already done and your skin is already irritated, here are some tips to promote its healing:

  • Avoid, for a few days, the activities that cause friction
  • Replace your walking or running session temporarily, by swimming
  • Wear cotton clothing that absorbs perspiration and reduces the feeling of warm-up
  • Clean the burnt area with an antiseptic then apply a soothing and softening cream
  • Lose weight if you have extra pounds.

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