5 things you do not know about your intimate parts!

Did you know that your vagina had a self-cleaning system? Well, you ignore a lot of things about your private parts, find out!

The vagina is a mysterious organ. Source of intense pleasures, the vagina is an organ that raises many medical, sexual, or other questions. By reading this article, you will definitely be surprised to discover some amazing facts about your vagina!

Here are 5 things you do not know about the vagina:

1. Vaginal secretions

There are three types of vaginal secretions: daily losses that cleanse, hydrate and lubricate the vagina. These vaginal secretions ensure cleaning. Cyprin, secretions evacuated during sexual intercourse ensuring lubrication of the vagina, and finally abnormal vaginal discharge indicating an infection.

On the other hand, the vaginal secretions can change texture and color depending on your cycle. For example, during ovulation, around the 14th day of ovulation, they tend to be thicker.

2. A self-cleaning entity

Composed of a bacterial flora, the vagina, like the other mucous membranes, has a self-cleaning system very developed. Indeed, the walls of the vagina contain millions of protective bacteria, the lactobacilli which provide a stable acid environment, a suitable cleaning and protection against pathogenic germs. It is essential to have good intimate hygiene by using water and avoiding the use of intimate products and gels.

3. Probiotics

Probiotics are very beneficial for your vagina. They are able to rebalance the vaginal flora and thus prevent vaginal mycosis. To maintain your intimate part, opt for vaginal probiotics because of their effectiveness. Remember that probiotics are available in parapharmacy and pharmacy.

4. The pubic hair

Pubic hair is more useful than you think! Like the eyelashes and hair of the nose, the pubic hair protects the vagina against potential aggressions while preventing the penetration of dirt. In addition, shaving and hair removal can result in lesions, especially in the lips. 

5. The shape and color of the vagina

The vagina, like the rest of the limbs and organs of the body, differs from one person to another. Each woman has a vagina of unique shape and color. Remember that one lives in the empire of the image, and that the majority of our complexes are due to the dictatorship of this one. This means that everything seen on the net, in movies, or photos is not necessarily true and natural, because even intimate parts can be retouched or even operated to improve their aesthetic appearance ... Some women have Lips thicker, a color that tends to brown or pink and it's just natural!

It is important to consult your gynecologist regularly to prevent any gynecological pathology. On the other hand, opt for good intimate hygiene in order to avoid infections and potential mycoses.

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