Style Your Hair According To Your Hair Type

No matter their age, all women want to be beautiful and feminine. That's why they put a lot of importance on their beauty routine and regularly seek tips and tricks to show off. When it comes to hair, it is not always easy to find the cut and hairstyle that are best suited. Discover in this article some proposals of hairstyles according to your type of hair.

For fine hair:

When you have fine hair, you should avoid small cuts and tapered cuts, because this type of hair tends to stick to the skin, which accentuates the lack of volume. Think of adopting blurry hairstyles that give volume to your hair and frame better the features of your face. Try one-side hairstyles, banana, hairy bun or French braid. You can also lightly crepe your hair on the top of your skull for a less raplapla effect.

For thick hair:

Unlike the previous ones, thick hair has volume to resell and are sometimes difficult to maintain because they are often subject to drying and frizz. Begin by guaranteeing them adequate hydration to avoid these inconveniences. Even if their nature adapts to all hairstyles, one must choose those capable of tame them and reduce their volume while preserving their beauty. You can try the ponytail, eternal and timeless, or make a braid. Accessories will add a touch of glamor and femininity to your mane.

For straight hair:

Even though straight hair is easier to tame and styling, they nevertheless need a little more life and volume. So think of waving a few strands separated for a very nice rendered destructured. You can leave them freely on your shoulders for a feminine and glamorous look, as you can use one of the many styles of headband currently in vogue. Wrap your hair around the accessory, choose a few locks around the face to better frame it.

Another hairstyle very simple to realize but which radically changes the aspect of your hair: the braid in wheat ears. But before you do, crunch your hair to give them volume and movement.

For curly hair:

Curly hair is sometimes difficult to style, especially if the curls are not well drawn. To enhance them, you can work your natural curls by applying a small amount of coconut oil or shea butter, and redesign your curls with your fingers. You can let them loose or gather them into a pretty ponytail after you have plated your hair on your head. Alternatively, you can try the African braids or a trendy chignon bun, you will let out a few locks here and there around your face.

Whatever the nature of your hair, it is important to take care of it and choose the hair products adapted to their needs. Above all, avoid excessive use of heaters and apply colorations or chemicals that may attack them and make them fragile and brittle.

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