The cold season does not come only with its good side cocooning. For neither the orange leaves that fall nor the fresh wind that caresses our skin nor the gentle rain that falls can cure us of the cold, the flu and other inconveniences related to the cold. Unless you are using this product ...

If you are among the people who have the drugs and the doctors in horror, rejoice, because we have the solution to treat you cold, flu and pain without swallowing, simply by applying the following product on your navel . Here's how.

Alcohol to counter muscle pain

No, it is not to drink it to reduce pain but to use it in local application.This may seem surprising because alcohol is rather reputed to treat open wounds because of its antibacterial and antiviral properties . But it is much more interesting than you think. Indeed, the alcohol at 50 ° has painful and calming properties as well as an ability to dilate the blood vessels to cure the local inflammations, ideal to reduce the muscular pains and to relax the muscles. If you feel tense, nothing better than an alcoholic application to relax you.

Against Cold and Flu

In winter, it could replace all the drugs used to cure flu, colds and the ailments they cause such as sore throat, fever, cough and runny nose. These drugs weaken our immune system, unlike the alcohol that cures these diseases without destroying our immunity. It has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and to top it off, it is natural therefore safe for our health.

Against menstrual pain

According to the surveys, 50% to 80% of fertile women would be prone to severe menstrual pain called dysmenorrhea in medical terms, which would force 15% of them to return to bed without moving. These pains are often accompanied by cramps, dizziness and vomiting in more severe cases. When one suffers from painful rules, the first gesture we make is to swallow an anti-inflammatory. Now the anti-inflammatory has an anticoagulant effect which could accentuate the flow of the blood and that only reduces the pain in an ephemeral way. Alcohol, in effect, instantly calms these pain by local application because it has anti-inflammatory and vasodilatory properties.

How to use it ?

To cure one of the aforementioned diseases, one must choose an alcohol at 50 °. Soak a piece of alcohol cotton, squeeze it to remove the surplus and then place it on your navel. So that it does not fall, put a bandage over it or wrap a food film around the waist while the alcohol is doing well.

Why the navel?

Our navel is according to medicine a scar. It is connected upwards to the liver through the round ligament of the latter and down to the bladder by the medial umbilical ligament. It is surrounded by intercostal nerves which innervate the chest wall and the abdominal wall. It is a very fine fabric called "zone of weakness".

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