Secret Things That Should Never Be Confessed To Your Boyfriend

For your relationship to be strong and lasting in time, it must be based on mutual love and respect, fidelity and honesty. It is true that the partners share everything, or almost, when they decide to enter into a romantic relationship, but there are nevertheless a few things that it is better to keep for oneself ...

By its nature, the human being can make mistakes and succumb to a temptation too strong. Sometimes, these small slips lead to big disputes of couples that sometimes end in a shattering break, and in other cases, they remain in the shade, and that is better.

Here are the 4 things you should never tell your partner:

1 - An old adventure of one evening while you were in couple with your ex

In your previous relationship, you succumbed to the advances of your colleague, while you were in a well-watered evening? This is not something your partner of the moment must absolutely know! Not only do the mistakes of the past have to stay in the past, but they may create problems for you in the present, when you might very well do without them. By admitting this to your partner, you will shake his confidence in you and you will unnecessarily stir up his jealousy.

2 - Parts of his body that you wish to change

First, it must be borne in mind that not all men are Apollo and all women are not Venus. Speaking of physics, each of us has its advantages and defects - if you will. So, sir, if you would have liked her to have more voluminous breasts, and if Madame would have preferred that it be a few inches bigger, it is not worth telling her. You will only hurt him, while he can do absolutely nothing about it.

Focus on what you like about him, and do not forget that you are not perfect either ...

3 - Your desire attraction for another person

It sometimes happens that you feel a certain attraction towards an unknown person whom you see regularly and who does not hesitate to show you that you like him too. This purely desire attraction does not have to influence your feelings towards your partner, nor to stir up jealousy of this one. Do not think that in speaking of this attraction you will be honest; You will only sow doubt in his heart and mind.

4 - A deflated opinion of his family or friends

When two people officially come together, they are proud to present their darling to their family and friends. But sometimes the divergences of character and culture can ensure that the current does not pass completely. In this case, keep in mind that whatever you think of your wife's sister or your man's cousin, you do not have to say it loud and clear. 

Maintain a respectful attitude and avoid conflict with these people as they remain long-time family members or friends. Do not push your partner to choose between you!

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