4 Things That Make Every Men Fall In Love

In terms of seduction, each of the two genders has its own means and criteria. But there are some elements that are unanimous. So if you crack for a man but you do not know how to do it, here are the 4 feminine characteristics that make men succumb. Take note !

We have always heard that to seduce a man, just be beautiful and attractive, no matter if you are superficial or immature. What you have not been told is that it applies to the adventures of a night, not to the stories of love that last. For the latter, the men are a little more demanding, and are attracted by other feminine features ...

1 - You have a sense of humor, but discreet

Men or women, we all enjoy the company of positive people, who sow the joy and set the mood. But in terms of seduction, one must know how to set limits. A man will obviously appreciate a woman who laughs at his jokes and bows to his teasing, but he is quickly disconcerted by a sense of humor too developed. He can easily feel annoyed and touched in his manhood if you tease him a little too much, or if you turn everything to derision. For despite all the advances in equality, man always wants to remain master of the situation!

2 - You love and assume your body

Every woman has a different morphology, and whatever yours, you must love and assume it. For a man, whether you are plump or rather small, it is enough that you know how to highlight you. Forget the clichés and the tendency to want to put all women in one mold. By being sure of you and trusting in your appearance, the man in front will only be able to admire you and be attracted by your insurance. Above all, do not show that you are complexed by your excess or lack of roundness, anyway, Sir would not understand!

3 - You have the sense of distribution

To attract a man, one must know how to attract him on the physical as well as the intellectual plane. A physical attraction will only result in love making relationship, while an intellectual affinity will increase your chances of establishing a lasting romantic relationship. So do not hesitate to animate the conversation and let it glimpse your vivacity of spirit and your sense of the distribution. But do not forget that you are facing a man and would not like to feel dominated or a level of intelligence inferior to yours. Let him have the opportunity to impress you!

4 - You are gentle with a vulnerable little side

You have a strong character and a career in gold, so much the better for you, but if you do not want to scare your male conquest, leave it at the office! Do not forget that the strength of a woman lies in its softness and femininity. Do not try to show yourself solid and inflexible to impress, on the contrary! Put forward your soft and vulnerable side, which will awaken in your man his protective instinct.

To find love and attract it, one must above all remain natural and faithful to oneself. You may have flaws you want to improve, like everyone else, but that's not a reason to suppress your character or change everything in you. True love is one who accepts you as you are!

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