3 Powerful Tips To Get Rid Of Strong Intimate Odors

Intimate odors have always been, and still remain, a taboo subject. Most women find the odor of their intimate parts unpleasant and try to get rid of it by using and abusing hygiene products. Error ! The intimate odor is, like all bodily odors, natural. It may be stronger in some women, but is in no way a sign of poor hygiene.

Many women are embarrassed by their intimate odors. To remedy this, they devote themselves to various practices sometimes very aggressive so that their crotch no longer feels anything or feels better. Only, it must be known that the vaginal secretions, supposedly responsible for bad odors, are basically odorless. When they are malodorous, this does not necessarily indicate that the patient has poor personal hygiene, but it may however be a gynecological pathology, due to disturbance of the vaginal flora.

Recall that the vaginal flora is a set of bacteria, forming a microfilm, which aims to protect the vagina from pathogenic germs. When there is an imbalance of the vaginal flora, the proportion between the two types of bacteria (good and pathogenic) is disrupted.

What can cause disruption of the vaginal flora?

Taking antibiotics, reducing estrogen (sex hormone) during menopause, aggressive intimate products and vaginal douches are all factors that can cause vaginal imbalance and promote the development of fungal infections.

Here are 3 tips to prevent and mitigate very strong intimate odors:

Do not use cleaning products!

To eliminate intimate odors, many women have heavy hands on intimate gels and perfumed soaps. Only, instead of mitigating or camouflaging odors, its products will have a more serious effect. Indeed, the intimate products sold on the market and which promise to rid you of intimate odors sell only dream. Rich in chemicals, these gels and cleansers can cause irritation and disrupt the vaginal flora. An imbalance of the vaginal flora will promote the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and will therefore increase the risk of development of vaginal mycoses which can in turn cause several symptoms such as itching and bad odors at the pubic level.

What to remember: no need to use irritants to make your toilet intimate. Pure water is enough.

Eat yoghurt:

As mentioned above, the vaginal flora is made up of many good bacteria, including lactobacilli. The latter protect it against pathogenic germs and yeasts of the Candida albicans type, which can infiltrate them. Only, this balance can be disrupted, which can promote vaginal infections and mycoses.

Having said that, maintaining a good balance of the vaginal flora is paramount, to prevent these problems that can be the source of bad intimate odors. Probiotics, in particular, are highly recommended for this. Recommended for restoring the intestinal flora, they also have an effect on the vaginal flora. According to Jean-Marc Bohbot, an infectiologist, eating yogurt would be very effective in treating and preventing vaginal mycosis.

In fact, yogurts contain large quantities of lactobacilli which will land in the gastrointestinal tract after ingestion and then be returned to the rectum and anus and eventually migrate to the vagina through the skin of the perineum. This will restore the vaginal flora for better protection.

It is important to remember that a healthy vagina does not emit bad odors.

Avoid certain foods:

Diet can influence your body odors, and even those intimate ones! Indeed, the consumption of certain foods could lead to strong intimate odors. These include garlic, onion, coffee and alcohol. Not to mention processed foods rich in chemicals and dyes.

To avoid intimate odors, it is also advisable to avoid consuming sugar and eliminating it from the diet in cases of fungal infections or vaginal infections. Recall that the fungi responsible for these diseases feed on sugar. Thus, a diet rich in these substances, will alter the vaginal secretions, which will promote their development

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