Ttips For Firm Buttocks And Shapely

Whether women or men, have a perfect figure is a goal for which we must work hard. A healthy, balanced diet and regular physical activity are two essential elements to get there. Among the body parts that require the most effort, in both sexes: the ass! To help you have nice buttocks firm and shapely, simply follow these 4 tips.

Before going directly into the heart of the matter and talk about tips to help you sculpt your buttocks, take a quick look on their constitution.

What's up our butts?
Our buttocks consist of three muscles and an amount of grease, which varies from one person to another. These muscles are the large, medium and small buttocks.

The first is the larger and is located in the rear portion of the buttocks. It allows to stabilize the pelvis, and to facilitate lateral rotation of the thigh, and the expansion of the latter over the basin. When he is not quite toned, it promotes fat accumulation at the saddlebags.

The second muscle, or gluteus medius is also wide and triangular. It is located on the outer side of the pool and connecting the dorsal muscles to the pelvis. Its role is to laterally stabilize the pelvis and allow the internal and external rotation of the thigh.

The last muscle is the smallest. Located on the outside of the basin, it is covered by the gluteus medius and acts in synergy with the latter, to allow the hip flexion and rotation of the thigh.

To help you tone those muscles and prevent the deposition of fat that distorts and give them a size too prominent, try the following four tips.

1 - A healthy, balanced diet

Your eating routine is the essential key to having a perfect body. It is therefore important to include foods rich in fiber and nutrients to strengthen your muscles and your immune system, as well as activating your metabolism burning fat. Forget all these drastic slimming diets that not only make you regain all the lost kilos once you resume a normal diet, but also push your body to make fat reserves to protect against starvation episodes that you impose.

It is also important to drink enough water to ensure proper hydration of your muscles and all your other body tissues, and help eliminate waste and toxins responsible for the accumulation of fat.

2 - Regular physical activity

Because of our current way of life, we are increasingly sedentary and our physical activity is increasingly reduced. The chair of our office to the elevator and then to our car, we have almost no time to stretch our legs and allow our blood to flow well. So remember to spend twenty minutes daily moderate physical activity such as walking, cycling or swimming, to help our body to keep a minimum of flexibility and his muscles, a minimum of tone. Also remember to take the right actions, for example, abandon the elevator in favor of stairs going up the steps two, or contract your buttocks while you're standing (in a queue). Thus, you will prevent their release and you will contribute to their strengthening.

3 - Targeted exercises

If your schedule allows, or if you have enough goodwill there for them to find a place, targeted exercises will be your powerful weapon to get the butt of your dreams. So choose sports that involve especially the muscles of the buttocks - évidemment-, thighs and legs, such as dance, hiking, running, step aerobics or sliding sports. By practicing the 30 to 45 minutes per week, these intense and targeted activities will help you eliminate localized fat in and around your saddlebags and throughout your body and allow you to build muscle mass and tone. So you get the buttocks and shapely thighs and a figure thinner and smoother.

4 - Suitable care

Remember to take care of your buttocks and their skin to preserve their beauty. So you can use natural moisturizers and cellulite treatments that preserve the elasticity and suppleness of your skin by degrading the molecules of cellulite in order to facilitate its removal. So you can opt for a body scrub with coffee grounds and olive oil, rich in antioxidants and effective against the orange skin. It is also recommended to finish his shower with jets of cold water to stimulate blood circulation and firm the skin. Consider also the dry brushing stimulates microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, among other benefits.

Waiting to get the results, choose pants that make you value, and avoid wearing too tight or low-waist trousers that compress the buttocks and lower them. Also avoid printed pants or too bright color which add more volume to the buttocks.

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