Why You Do Not Need A Partner To Be Happy

Many couples form for the simple belief that this will bring happiness in their lives. Error ! We do not necessarily need to be with someone to be happy. The proof.

Love is certainly a noble sentiment that emanates from the depths of our soul and that is a balm to the heart, but it is important not to make it an indispensable part of happiness.

Many seek to be a couple to be happy, even to get with anyone. But do we really need to have a partner to live happily? Is it not a myth that is passed from one generation to another?

If you are one of those who are doing everything possible to find their soul mate to be happy, then this article is for you. Discover two evidence clearly indicates that you do not need a partner to swim in happiness.

You lead your life the way you want
When you are single, you generally have more free time! No more endless phone calls and impromptu appointment that can sometimes upset your schedule.

For some people, this free time can be annoying or even hopeless, but it just shows that they do not know how to enjoy life. Work on oneself is sometimes necessary.

No mate, you have the chance to live your life as you see fit. You can go out, travel, new experiences or focus on your career, without guilt and without it charges you every time to neglect.

Logistically, this also has many advantages. You have your apartment for you alone and not have to account to anyone, even financially. You can sleep diagonally on your bed, wind up in your duvet without that you wake up at night to pull and make slumber parties among friends anytime.

Being single also means you can stay in your pajamas all day without worrying about your appearance! You just enjoy life.

You are more free!

When you are a couple, your future is necessarily linked with that of your partner. You can not take any important decision without returning to him, because it is part of your life and that each change could affect it. His opinion counts.

When you are single, you are not obliged to make such concessions. You are free to decide for yourself without making sacrifices or compromises. You can focus on your future, without constraints.

You also have more time to enjoy the activities that excite you because you do not spend all your free time to someone else.

Being single, you also free up social rules that associate life success (and happiness) relations. Be couple does not necessarily mean being happy, being happy and certainly not limited to being a couple. You go so you detach these standards and live your life freely.

This obviously does not mean you have to stay single forever, but it just should not sanctify the relationships to the point of making the center of your happiness. Wait for the right person is essential. In the meantime, enjoy!

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