5 Facts You Never Knew About Intimate Parts

Some gestures, habits or practices can affect vaginal health, although they seem very healthy. Let's take stock of the 5 things your vagina does not really like and why!

The vulva which designates the external aspect of the whole genital organs of the woman, is a very sensitive part that requires adequate care. To begin with a good personal hygiene neither too excessive nor too neglected, to maintain a good balance of the vaginal flora.

Only many women make the mistake of adopting certain gestures and practices, for aesthetic and sometimes even sanitary purposes, which can harm genital health and cause several troublesome problems.

Here are 5 things that can affect vaginal health, specifically, and of which you are certainly not aware:

Bicycle seats:

Whether you are a professional cyclist or amateur of the little queen, you have certainly been prone to irritation. Although the bike is very beneficial to health and especially pleasant for walks, the seat remains rather uncomfortable and can cause irritations due to friction as well as mycoses, or even vulval cysts in some cases.

Worse, the bike seats, can also affect the sex life. According to a study published in 2012, bike handlebars located at a lower level than the seats can increase pressures in the perineum area and are also related to the reduction of genital sensations.

Fruits and vegetables :

To spice up their sex life, some couples engage in erotic practices that sometimes require the use of certain objects or food. These sex games that involve the use of food are actually a type of fetishism known as sitophily. Fruits and vegetables, in particular, to solid and very evocative forms are very often used for penetration. Only as pleasant as they may be, these practices are not always safe. The episodes of objects or fruits and vegetables stuck in the intimate parts are not uncommon, but this is not the only concern.

Fruits and vegetables can include bacteria, which contaminate the vagina, once introduced into it. This can not only disrupt the vaginal flora but also cause infections.

Dirty underwear:

It was not for nothing that we learned to change our underwear every day from a young age. Indeed, underwear can be a real nest with bacteria, because they accumulate sweating and vaginal secretions, offering a moist environment and conducive to the proliferation of pathogenic germs. These can be the cause of various problems, such as itching, irritations, bad odors as well as vaginal infections and mycoses.

Avoid these inconveniences and be sure to change your underwear every day! People who play sports should also make sure to change immediately after training because of excessive sweating.


Piercings, in general, require special care to avoid infection. But when it comes to genital piercings, one must double caution and pay close attention to hygiene.

Some women choose to make intimate piercings for their aesthetic side, while for others it is a way to have a permanent sensation of stimulation, especially when the piercing is located at the hood of the clitoris. There are several types of female genital piercings, including small lips, labia majora and clitoris piercings.

But no matter the motivations of each woman or the location of the piercing, the risks are no less. Besides the pain and discomfort occasioned, piercings can cause serious infections if the subject does not respect the good rules of hygiene and maintenance. This is not very easy, since this intimate part is not always easy to maintain!

Intimate hygiene products:

It will never cease to say: the vagina is an organ capable of self-protection and can clean itself! So it does not need to be cleaned with soap, even soft, or with intimate hygiene products. This can not only cause skin irritation and itching but will also disrupt the balance of the vaginal flora.

keep in mind that if your soap is soft enough for your skin, it does not mean it will be for your crotch.

To have a good personal hygiene, you only need pure water. Do external intimate toilets and do not venture wherever else..

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