Strengthen Sperm Boost Fertility

When a couple has design problems, most of the time, it is the woman who is held responsible and it is up to her to undergo various medical examinations and checks. However, in some cases the problem arises from the quality of sperm and the reduced ability of sperm to reach the female egg and fertilize it. To solve this problem, here are 9 natural tips that will help you, gentlemen, to strengthen your sperm and improve your fertility!

8 Tips to Strengthen Your Sperm:

1 - Stay cool

The testicles are the organs responsible for the production of spermatozoa which must be done at a slightly cooler temperature than the body, about 33 ° C. Moreover, it is for this reason that they are suspended outside the abdomen. Thus, exposure to high heat increases the temperature of the testes to 35 ° C, which alters the capacity of the testes to perform their function.

Avoid going to saunas, Moorish baths or Jacuzzis for more than 15 minutes twice a week, as well as laying your laptop on your lap and putting on tight clothes.

2 - Monitor your weight

According to a study carried out by a team of the medical laboratory of Eylau-Unilabs in Paris, the results of which were published in the congress of the European Society of Human Reproduction, overweight and underweight people present a Fertility, due to lower sperm concentration and reduced mobility of spermatozoa. However, a return to normal weight would make it possible to find a better quality of sperm, restoring the normal secretion of sex hormones.

3 - Stop bad habits

Smoking, alcohol and drug use are responsible for the decline in the number of spermatozoa produced, their mobility and certain malformations affecting them. It is therefore recommended to stop them to allow your sperm to regenerate (about 3 months) and improve your fertility. It is also advisable to limit your caffeine consumption to 300 mg per day, to avoid impacting the quality of your sperm.

4 - Practicing regular physical activity

Not only will physical activity help you stay in good shape, but will also help improve your fertility by boosting your sperm production. Indeed, physical effort causes the secretion of testosterone, a sex hormone that contributes to spermatogenesis. However, it is advisable not to concentrate on a single group of muscles in order to allow them to recover.

5 - Reduce your stress
According to a study published in the medical journal Fertility and Sterility, stress has a very detrimental effect on the quality of sperm and sperm. Whatever its origin, professional family or other, stress reduces the number of sperm produced, their concentration, their speed and their mobility. In fact, Professor Litvak of the Mailman School of Public Health says that spermatozoa alone could be a biological marker of stress levels in humans.

6 - Avoid exposure to chemicals

Some men, in the course of their professional activity, are led to work with toxic chemicals such as pesticides, heavy metals or solvents. Prolonged exposure to these substances may affect the quality of their semen and reduce their fertility. A study in the Netherlands of 899 men from infertile couples showed that men exposed to toxic substances are those with spermatic abnormalities.

7 - Adopt a healthy diet

A healthy and balanced diet is essential for our overall health, as well as for better fertility. Moreover, the food that a man consumes has a great influence on the quality of his sperm. That is why those who suffer from poor quality of their sperm must favor foods rich in vitamin B9 which increases the production of spermatozoa, vitamin D which provides them with better mobility, zinc and selenium which improve their mobility And their quality, as well as antioxidants that fight free radicals and improve the overall quality of semen.

It is therefore advisable to eat more fruits and vegetables, fish, eggs, nuts, and cereals.

8 - Consult a physician

Before conception, it is recommended to do a medical check-up so that your doctor can identify the various factors that may influence your ability to procreate. It is also advisable to talk to him about the medicines you have taken recently and the ongoing treatments, in order to eliminate those that can have an effect on your fertility. In addition, he will be able to advise you on the procedure to follow, and about the habits to change in order to improve the quality of your sperm and to put all the chances on your side to become dad.

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