10 Facts You Didn't Know About Your Butt

The buttocks are one of the parts of the body that make the most, talk about them. Considered a powerful weapon of seduction for men, and as a part often source of complex in women, buttocks deserve all our attention. In this article, we have gathered for you 10 truths about them! Discover them!

They are preferred round and well shaped in some, firm and well muscled in others. The buttocks are one of the parts of the body that receive special attention and care. Massages, targeted exercises, and clothes that highlight them, everything goes! But what do you know about your back?

Here are 10 truths you probably do not know about the buttocks:
1 - In the United States, 1863 women in 2014 underwent surgery to set up gluteal implants, in order to better fill and trim them. What a look of hell in these new jeans near the body!

2 - Some species of turtles have the ability to breathe through their buttocks, which is of great use to them during hibernation. In doing so, they require only a tiny amount of energy, unlike that required for the contraction of the muscles under normal breathing.

3 - According to a survey conducted by a renowned women's magazine, women like to be complimented on the beauty of their buttocks, far more than on other parts of their bodies. What to revisit your ready-made phrases, gentlemen!

4 - The size of your buttocks is determined by your genetic makeup, your muscular structure and your hormones. Moreover, a high estrogen content translates into a muscle / fat ratio advantageous for the latter. Women whose secretion of these hormones is elevated will tend to acquire roundness in the thighs, hips and buttocks. After menopause, it is the abdominal belt that will serve as a refuge.

5 - The gluteus maximus, of its scientific name, the large gluteal muscle, is one of the three muscles that make up your buttocks. This muscle is the most voluminous and powerful of all the other muscles in your body.

6 - The record of the biggest buttocks in the world is held by a young American 33 years old, named Sarah Massey. Indeed, her turn of butt measures 2m13 and she wears 10 XL. A size that it does not find easily in store!

7 - According to a study by the University of Oxford, women who have large buttocks are healthier than those who do not. They have a lower cholesterol level and a better hormonal balance. In addition, the fat found in their buttocks allows them to store omega-3 fatty acids extremely beneficial to health.

8 - Scientists have argued that children born to women with a large pelvis, and therefore prominent buttocks, are more intelligent than those whose mothers have less roundness. We would love to see a picture of Einstein's mom!

9 - After the fashion of "selfie" in 2013 which consists of photographing oneself, the year 2014 witnessed another trend that wreaks havoc on the net. Composed of the word "butt" or "bum" and selfie, it consists of taking pictures of her posterior and publishing them on the social networks. What an idea !

10 - The buttocks are not to be taken lightly, because they already have a place on the red carpet! Besides the famous Kim Kardashian who owes all its reputation to its generous popotin, it must not be forgotten that the sulphurous J.LO assured her posterior with the modest sum of 27 million dollars! No comment !

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