6 Things You Can Do For Your Partner

Many agree with the idea that sexual relations are the cement of the couple, and that feelings are not enough to sustain a relationship. If you think so, this article will prove you quite the opposite. Here are 6 things to do in couples that would be more fulfilling than intercourses.

It is undeniable that a couple can not be fulfilled without being fully satisfied with their sexual life. But several other activities can replace (for a period)  intercourse, or at least make us feel the same intensity. These things consolidate the couple's ties and prove that intimacy is not just about  intercourses.

1. Looking deep in the eyes

Reading in the gaze of the other is given only to those who love one another for real. This is one of the most intimate things because nothing is more secret than a look. And behind your passionate contemplations hides a very profound message: your half is so important to your eyes that nothing can divert your gaze from her. And as they say, a look is worth a thousand words ...

2. Sleep together

This is a difficulty surmountable only by those who really love each other. Falling asleep with your arms is one of the best ways to prove to your partner that there is much more important to you than  intercourse, and that sleeping in your arms is more intimate and more precious.

Sleeping and letting oneself in the arms of one half without having  intercourse is a highlight for two. It is a way to leave more room for feelings, romance, love, exchange and sharing. You discover other sensations that you did not know before, like to feel his heart beat, his breath ...

3. Caring for the other when sick

One of the moments when you feel most vulnerable? When one is sick. We then need more than ever that someone takes care of us, and knows how to do it with love. No one can replace you in this case. If your half is suffering, do everything to show her that you are at her side, that you can take care of her, pamper her, and so on. This feeling of trust, protection and security that you will get by doing this is worth more than any other gesture.

4. Write him love words

Even if we are in the 21st century, that letters and envelopes are gone, do not let yourself be manipulated by modern technology and restore charm and romance to your relationship by exchanging words of love. Write down everything you have trouble saying to him as normal. There is nothing more spontaneous and pure than words of love written on sheets of paper. Let the poet who is in you speak!

5. Tell her that you find her absolutely gorgeous

The beauty of a woman lies in the eyes of the man who looks at her, and the same is true of men. Even if your half does not attach so much importance to physical beauty, deep down, he will always seek to seduce you and be beautiful to your eyes. Then tell him. Give him confidence in him and tell him that in your eyes he is the most beautiful.

6. Doing nothing (together)

Being together and doing nothing can sometimes be therapeutic for a couple. Giving yourself time to find yourself in an intimate setting, talking, laughing, getting to know each other and dreaming together ... This is sometimes all you need to feel fulfilled in your relationship. You prove to the other that a moment with him is a golden moment and that nothing is as precious to you as that. Doing nothing (together) can be much richer than you think!

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