When the day comes when we decide to bind a person out of love, some people around us congratulate us and others give us valuable advice. This man received valuable advice from his father on his wedding day.

There's nothing more beautiful than a dad preparing his son to be a real man. If you are planning to get married in the near future, read this man's advice to his son to make sure that your chosen one is the right one for you.
  • My son, if your wife only spends your money and never asks you to save, it is because she is materialistic, she has no responsibility and does not care about your financial future.
  • A woman may be an excellent wife, another may be an excellent mother, but if you have found a woman who can at the same time be a good wife and a good mother, do not let her spin.
  • My son, do not force your wife to spend more time than necessary in the kitchen, her place is not only in the kitchen. You must both participate in the spots of the house.
  • My son, if I tell you that you're the man in the house, do not look at your wallet, but rather look at your wife's smile, you must be able to make her happy, that's a real man .
  • Give your wife the responsibility of managing the finances of the house, if she is a good woman, she will not waste your wages in trivial while she is aware of the expenses you have to do.
  • Whatever the situation, never raise your hand on your wife. A wounded woman can never make you happy.
  • If you get married and continue to behave like a bachelor, you risk getting back into it very quickly.
  • Know that woman is a great land difficult to cultivate, so know how to take care of it and love it as hard as you can
  • In the place of the coconut tree where I met your mom, it is possible that today there are restaurants, but I will always remember that at this place we kissed. Try to make your first moments magical, you will always remember.
  • If you make money and you become rich, do not spend it for a woman you will never see again, spend it for a woman who intends to stay with you all the life.
  • When I threw stones at the window of your mother's room, it was not to make love with her, it was simply to see it because I missed it. Assigns as much room to love as to love making, perhaps even a little more.
  • My son, if you reproach your wife for having changed, look at first if you are not in the same case as her.
  • A woman who is not ready to support you in your beginnings or your failures, does not deserve to savor with you your successes and your victories.
  • Never compare your wife to another, for no woman resembles another and yours is the only one to bear you!
  • I learned that today women have conquered the world and have largely exceeded some men, before I thought otherwise.
  • One day your mother tore one of my best clothes because she was very angry after me. I did not want to argue with her for a day she had gone badly. I must confess that I am proud that I did not.
  • Your mother and I do not want to know what is going on in your couple. When you face a problem, especially keep it for yourself, do not talk to anyone. Preserve the intimacy of your couple.
  • My son, help your wife to fulfill her dreams.
  • My son, continue to take care of me and your mother so that your children do the same for you.

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