Drank Glass Of Pickle Juice Every Day After 10 Days

A key ingredient in cold buffets, the pickle brings a touch of freshness and a distinct flavor to the dishes. But it is however not appreciated only for its taste! Indeed, gherkins bring a lot of nutrients to the body and are therefore good for health, provided they consume in reasonable quantities. Pickle juice, which is often poured into the sink, also has many health benefits. To discover !

Very appreciated for its acidulated taste, the pickle has the same nutritional values as its close cousin, the cucumber. Low in calories and rich in nutrients, it gives the body several benefits, but its consumption must be limited by its high doses of sodium. Pickles are renowned for their therapeutic properties, especially their ability to facilitate digestion and can also act as a laxative.

Often, after having exhausted a jar or a box of pickles, we tend to throw away the juice in which they were marinated. Error ! This juice has many health benefits, including:

Reduce muscle cramps:

Muscle cramps result in muscle contractions that are sometimes painful and involuntary. They can occur at any time of the day and have different causes. When they are of sports origin, they are usually caused by dehydration, mineral deficiency (potassium) or loss of sodium through perspiration.

There are several ways to relieve cramps, including gherkin juice. The latter not only attenuates them but also prevents them. In fact, many American athletes use pickle juice for this purpose.

According to a study published in 2009, drinking pickle juice is more effective than drinking water to relieve cramps. This effect does not, however, amount to the rapid restoration of the electrolyte level, because cramps can disappear before the nutrients can be assimilated by the body. The results of the study emphasized that pickle juice causes a reflex in the area of the pharynx, which would inhibit neuromuscular activity and therefore reduce muscle cramps.

In addition, this juice contains acetic acid which produces acetylcholine. This substance stimulates the leg muscles. If you ever have muscle cramps, drink 1/3 cup of pickle juice.

Relieve heartburn:

Heartburn is the result of a digestion problem. After a heavy meal often too rich in fat, the gastric juice tends to rise towards the esophagus, causing its irritation. Burns may last a few minutes, as they may persist for several hours.

To relieve them, doctors generally administer anti-reflux drugs to their patients, but it is also possible to mitigate this problem by opting for natural methods. Cornichon juice, in particular, is effective in reducing heartburn, thanks to the vinegar it contains.

Attention, it should be noted that the food tolerances vary according to each person. If for some, pickle juice will help relieve heartburn, for others, it may be that the case gets worse.

The ideal is to try a small amount, to see the effect. If you feel discomfort, stop immediately.

Soothe sunburn:

After a long period of exposure to the sun, it is very common to catch a sunburn. The skin becomes drier, burning and red, a real discomfort.

We admit that the first reflex that we all, when we end up with a sunburn, is to spread fat creams to soothe. Now, natural alternatives to alleviate this problem are not lacking! If you do not have aloe vera gel, milk or yogurt at home, pickle juice can be a great help!

In fact, pickle juice contains a lot of vinegar, which is known to calm the pain associated with sunburn, relieve irritation and soften the skin. Moreover, the vinegar also helps to rebalance the pH of the skin and brings freshness.
Soak a cotton ball with cornichon juice, which you can dilute in a little water. Apply to the area to be treated for 5 minutes.

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