Extra Shoelace Holes Sneakers Actually Serve A Brilliant Purpose

You've probably already wondered what was the use of the two holes on your pairs of sneakers or sneakers. You must know that they are essential to the aeration, but they also allow a better maintenance of the shoe and help to fix the laces better. Quickly take your pair of sneakers! You will discover through this article the different ways of using these holes to take full advantage of your shoes.

First step: take the laces from your shoes and remove them from the first 4 holes through which they are supposed to pass (2 on each side).

Step two: Take the lace hanging from the outside and go through the inner hole closest to the sole of the foot.

Step three: Afterwards, always with the same lace, pass it through the other outer hole and then lead it to the other side of the shoe.

Fourth step: now you can put the rest of the laces in their place and you will have this result:

How to aerate your shoes and avoid bad odors?

Use baking soda. Indeed, this magic powder is a must to fight bad odors and germs. It is a powerful antibacterial, anti fungal and its chemical composition helps to perfectly neutralize bacteria and absorb moisture, both responsible for bad odors. Put 2 spoons in the bottom of your shoes and leave to act overnight. Shake and empty them before putting them on the next day, and you will quickly say goodbye to the nauseating odors.

Put in each shoe a few sage leaves and a few sprigs of lavender and leave your pair one night on the balcony so that the fresh air eliminates the bacteria and therefore the odors. You can also use lavender or sage in the form of essential oil, a few drops are enough.

Another little known tip is to never throw away the skin of the citrus you buy. Lemons, grapefruits and oranges emit scents so strong that they cover bad odors. Take the zest out of the fruit and let it act overnight at the bottom of your shoe.

Another essential ingredient is the tea tree essential oil. Thanks to its disinfectant properties, you will soon find shoes like new. Simply mix 3 drops in a waterbed and apply it to cotton on your shoe, or wash your shoes in a basin of warm water with a few drops of this essential oil.

It is essential to preserve and clean your shoes regularly because that says bad odors tells bacteria and therefore more risk of having fungus.

How to maintain an irreproachable foot hygiene?

You undoubtedly know that the bad odors of shoes are due to sweating feet. However, some pairs feel stronger than others. This is why it is necessary to be careful to buy shoes of good quality, leather because it leaves the foot to breathe, with soles that absorb and retain the bacteria, and therefore the odors.

If, despite all these tips, bad odors remain, consider changing insoles regularly or putting on specials that protect against foul odors.

Other tips:
  • If weather permits, try not to wear closed shoes on a daily basis, as they harm the health of the feet and promote the development of unpleasant odors.
  • Never wear the same shoe for 2 consecutive days to allow them to aerate.
  • As soon as you arrive at home, think of releasing your feet from their cages and put on sandals or walk barefoot for maximum aeration.

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