very sensitive person

Expressing yourself in crowded places, in a meeting, in a restaurant, with friends or in front of a crowd, can arouse great anguish when you are very sensitive. Discover five techniques to overcome your stage fright.

 1. Choose your seat carefully 

Whether it is a seat in the restaurant, a conference room or public transport, make the effort to perceive the energy of places as soon as you arrive before choosing your seating. Usually, sitting at the corner or at the end of the table is more comfortable than sitting in the middle. Being near the window, in some places, may be more convenient than a seat next to the corridor, due to displacements.

 2. Relax and harmonize your energies

As soon as you find a place that suits you, try to relax as best you can. Imagine your energy in harmony with those of the people around you. Take a deep breath and anchor yourself.

3. Stay connected to your inner 

Being practice deep breathing to enter into harmony with your inner Being and do not let yourself be distracted. Concentrate all your attention and energy on you. When you feel fully present, you are more likely to identify any source of fright and to avert negative vibrations.

4. Be aware of your limitations 

You need to be humble and do not try the impossible. Take thoughtful initiatives, taking into account your true resources. You will thus spare yourself any adrenaline rush, likely to trigger your stage fright.

5. Be acutely aware of uncomfortable situations

Analyze the source of your discomfort and determine how to rebalance the situation. If you have no way to make a proper change, accept it and stay focused on yourself more than on your environment. Try to consciously extricate yourself from the surrounding energies and anchor yourself. 

This will help you feel more centered and balanced. With practice, you will be able to defeat your trac in all circumstances - examination, job interview, professional meeting, going out with friends, meeting love, etc., even when you are very sensitive.

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