Hand Shape Says About Your Personality

The elements taken into consideration in determining the personality of an individual and discovering his main character traits are multiple, ranging from his month of birth, to his favorite color, to the shape of certain parts of his body. In this article, we will look at the shape of your hand to see what it will reveal to you. Find out which one suits you!

The divinatory art devoted to the analysis of the hand in all its details is called palmistry. By carefully analyzing the lines that furrow the palm, the length and shape of the fingers, as well as the shape, consistency and movement of the hands, it allows to detect the main traits characterizing the personality of a given individual.

What, then, are the forms of the hand, according to palmistry?

In palmistry, there are four forms of the hand, each corresponding to one of the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water.

The Hand Fire:

Hand Fire

The shape of the hand that corresponds to the element of Fire is also called intuitive hand and corresponds to a rather rectangular palm with short fingers. Like the element it represents, it is generally warm and dry to the touch. As for people who have this form of the hand, they are known for their creativity and their overflowing energy, with a certain impulsive side and a good sense of humor. Distinguished also by their leadership and impulsiveness, they also have a small weakness for trades and activities at risk that allow them to satisfy their thirst for challenge.

The Earth Hand:

Earth Hand

A hand is called Earth when the palm is rather square with short fingers. Called handy in palmistry, it is cold and dry to the touch and reveals a down-to-earth personality that takes pleasure in participating in physical activities. People with this form of the hand are also very serious and very calm, with a preference for manual activities. When it comes to emotions, they demonstrate perfect self-control.

The Air Hand:

Air Hand

Warm and damp when you touch it, the Air or Intellectual hand is in the form of a square palm with long fingers. It reveals an open, emotionally stable personality that has the gift of communication. People with the air hand have no trouble expressing their opinion or showing what they feel. They also have a certain amount of intellectual curiosity. They like to work in groups, excellent in the field of writing and are often oriented towards journalism or teaching.

Hand Water

Hand Water

With a rectangular palm and long fingers, the hand Water is often cold and wet when touched. Revealing a sensitive, calm and flexible personality. People who have it have a great artistic sense and are gifted to play music, including the piano. They are also endowed with a fertile imagination as well as a lot of sweetness and dedication, while being a little shy and introverted. Moreover, they do not hesitate to trust their highly developed intuition to make decisions of everyday life.

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