Get Rid Of Bad Breath Forever

Having bad breath (halitosis) is terribly embarrassing. To camouflage it, different subterfuges are used: chewing gums, mint sweets, sprays or intensive brushing of the teeth. Now it is by altering your lifestyle that you can get rid of it most surely. Here's how.

1 - Eat more fruits and vegetables

Fresh products stimulate the production of saliva, killing the germs and bacteria responsible for bad breath. Conversely, proteins feed the bacteria responsible for bad breath, which release volatile sulfur compounds responsible for bad breath, so do not overdo it.

2 - Reduce your alcohol intake

This is another good reason to drink alcohol in moderation. If, like many people, you like to relax from time to time with a little glass, stick to a glass, ideally wine, and absolutely avoid the strong alcohols. Alcohol slows down the production of saliva, the main cause of bad breath.

3 - Drink less coffee

Coffee is an astringent drink that causes dryness of the mouth. This is the cause of the proliferation of bacteria that are causing bad breath. Limit your intake to two cups a day and get into the habit of drinking water just after to rehydrate your mouth.

4 - Do not miss the breakfast

Breakfast is the meal that starts your salivary glands, which, as you have now understood, is essential for good breath.

5 - Beware of certain medications

Some of them have the side effect of drying out the mouth. If so, see your doctor if there is an alternative. If this is not the case, consider drinking plenty of water. And know that some mouthwashes are effective against dry mouth.

6 - Go regularly to the dentist

Caries or gum disease are causes of halitosis. Consider visiting your dentist regularly so that he or she can detect them and eventually help you deal with the problem.

7 - Use dental floss

It is as important to use dental floss as washing your teeth. Small particles of food stuck between your teeth that the brush fails to reach can be a cause of bad breath. Use it preferably before brushing.

8 - Get rid of bad bacteria

Your mouth swells with bacteria, good or bad, most living on your tongue. These are cause of bad breath, so think about brushing your tongue at the same time as your teeth. This step is often ignored by the majority, yet it helps to deal with bad breath.

9 - Breathe through the nose, not through the mouth

If you breathe regularly through the mouth, you dry it, causing halitosis. Take care to breathe through the nose as often as possible.

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