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Men generally attach particular importance to the size of their genital, and they are often heard to affirm that the larger the male genital is, the more it will give pleasure to Madame. But on the other hand, several women are anxious to receive such voluminous material, and often wonder if their vagina would be able to do so. Here is the answer to this often unspoken question!

The most famous part of the female reproductive system, the vagina nevertheless remains the most mysterious. Beginning with a small opening at the level of the vulva, it extends to the neck of the uterus and measures 8 cm on average. Contrary to widespread beliefs, it is not quite vertical, but is bent, quasi-horizontal in the lower part (near the cervix) and oblique in the lower part (near the vulva). It is also narrower down and rises by widening. But how can it fit any male genital size?

The penetration mechanism

Penetration is the moment of fusion between the bodies of the two partners and more precisely, of their intimate parts. The elastic walls of the vagina allow the latter to widen to give access to its visitor. Once inside, the female muscles will contract to better surround it. But sometimes this operation is not as easy to achieve and becomes a source of pain and anguish rather than pleasure and well-being.

Is the painful penetration caused by a male genital that is too big?

One of the first answers that come to mind is the too large size of the male genital. However, according to Dr. Lauren Streicher, gynecologist, the majority of vaginas are able to adapt to any size of male genital. She also adds that it is rare for a woman in her twenties or thirties to have problems adapting to a man generously endowed with nature, unlike an older woman who is more likely to suffer from hormonal disorders And medical impact on her intimacy life.

However, when a couple fails to penetrate, the two partners put this on the account of a material too voluminous. But even if it is really the case, the vagina is able to adapt, provided that it is well lubricated.

A condition that may unfortunately be lacking due to too low a level of excitation, too fast preliminaries, or certain medications that promote vaginal dryness, such as low-dose contraceptive pills, antihistamines or certain treatments Of cancer.

Also, by forcing things a little while the level of lubrication is not enough, the woman may feel pain, a burning sensation in the vaginal walls or be subject to bleeding. So many inconveniences that give rise to an anguish linked to penetration and trigger a mechanism of defense which consists of contracting even more its muscles and tightening its intimate parts. Thus, a vicious circle is created: a penetration difficult, muscles even more contracted and pain more vivid.

How to solve this problem?

To avoid feeling pain and to allow the vagina to fit the size of the partner's genitalia, as large as it can be, it is important to take all the time during the preliminaries in order to allow time The body to secrete its natural lubrication, and allow the woman to relax and overcome her anguish. It is also advisable to consult a gynecologist if she is suffering from vaginal dryness so that she can give him the proper treatment for this disorder. Finally, if the man is particularly well equipped, the use of a natural lubricant (water-based, alcohol-free) that respects the vaginal flora is strongly recommended to facilitate the operation.

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