Transform Your Skin And  Get Rid of Acne

To take care of their skin, women use a variety of techniques and cosmetics. Whether it is to purify the skin, maintain its flexibility and elasticity or to fight against acne, some of the care used can do much more harm than good. Hence the importance of privileging natural beauty tricks, such as steam baths.

A radiant and radiant skin is above all a clean and healthy skin. Following the regular use of make-up, pollution or lack of maintenance (skipping the step of removing make-up, in particular), the skin accumulates impurities and dead skin cells. These ultimately obstruct the pores of the epidermis, thus promoting the appearance of imperfections.

Taking care of your skin is therefore essential to preserving your health. It is important to make sure to remove make-up every night before sleeping and to care (regular masks, scrubs ...) to nourish and purify the skin. The more natural these treatments, the more your skin will thank you!

Among the most popular treatments for cleansing the skin, there are steam baths!

What is steam bath?

The steam baths also known as fumigation, are very famous for their effectiveness in clearing the airways and decongest the nose, but not that! Steam baths are also a great beauty ally, thanks to their many benefits to the skin.

The action of moist heat, diffused by steam baths, makes it possible to dilate the pores of the skin, helping it to get rid of the impurities. The skin transpires and releases toxins, dust, excess sebum and residues of makeup that can accumulate. The moist heat also moisturizes the skin deeply and stimulates the microcirculation, allowing a fresh complexion.

So steam baths are probably the most economical and natural care to have a healthy and radiant skin.

Steam bath with essential oils

To boost the benefits of steam baths, it is possible to use essential oils or dried or fresh flowers. Before choosing which essential oil to use, it is important to determine its type of skin.

- For fat, it is recommended to opt for essential oils of eucalyptus, lemon, or rosemary, which will help to reduce the pores and limit the production of sebum.

- If you have dry skin, you will need to use essential oils of lavender, linden and chamomile, on the other hand if your skin is normal, opt for the essential oils of jasmine, geranium and rosewood.

Finally, if you have acne-prone skin, the essential oils of tea tree and lemon will be your allies. Steam baths sprinkled with these essential oils will help eliminate comedones, often responsible for the appearance of acne pimples.

How to make steam baths?

Before carrying out the steam bath, make sure to remove make-up and clean your skin. Take a large, heat-resistant bowl and fill it with hot water. Add a few drops of essential oil, depending on your skin type. Let infuse 2 minutes, then place a towel over your head and lean your face over the bowl. Be careful not to bring your face too close to the bowl and keep your eyes closed. Stay in this position for about ten minutes.

In order to tighten the pores of your skin gently, spray your face with warm water, then you can switch to cold water. And here, your skin is all clean.

It is recommended to carry out this treatment at night, to avoid any bad reaction.

Some tips for making steam baths:

  • It is important not to use large amounts of essential oil, because they are very strong and concentrated
  • Essential oils are not recommended for pregnant women
  • Blighted skins should avoid steam bathing, while sensitive skin should not exceed 3 minutes of exposure
  • Apply a natural moisturizer after your steam bath to nourish your skin

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