As we get older, many changes are taking place in our bodies, with no or almost no parts being spared. Moreover, several women are astonished at the change in their intimate part over time. If you want to keep your intimacy young and fresh for longer, here are some valuable rules to follow on a daily basis.

Like the other parts of our body, the appearance of our intimacy changes with time. Some women, poorly documented on the subject or unable to discuss it through modesty or embarrassment, feel overwhelmed by a lack of self-confidence and the unpleasant feeling that they no longer feel as desirable and as before. In reality, these changes are quite natural and can not be escaped. On the other hand, to preserve the health and the youth of your intimate part for longer, here are some gestures to adopt daily.

The gestures to adopt for a healthier and younger intimate for longer:

Good hygiene

To maintain the health of your privacy and avoid fungal infections and infections, care must be taken to ensure proper intimate hygiene. To do this, use warm water and avoid hygiene products that are too aggressive or fragrant, full of chemicals that can dry your skin and mucous membranes or cause allergic reactions and irritations. In addition, douches are to be banished completely as they destroy the flora and promote the penetration of pathogens into your uterus, increasing the risk of infection and inflammation of the uterus and fallopian tubes.

It should also be remembered that your privacy has a particular smell that should not be removed at all costs unless it is particularly strong and unpleasant, because excess of hygiene impairs your privacy and promotes the appearance mycosis with very unpleasant symptoms.

Regular maintenance of pubic hair

Pubic hair plays a special role as it forms a protective barrier against the pathogens responsible for infections and protects the sensitive skin of this area against friction. But, at the same time, they retain sweat and bacteria and can thus promote intimate odors.

To avoid this, make sure to cut them regularly or use a lawnmower to shorten them. This will allow you to preserve their protective role while avoiding the discomfort of strong intimate odors. For hair removal or shaving followers, it is advisable to avoid using the depilatory creams or to do it in an integral way, especially in the part surrounding the vulva, because a complete absence of hairiness facilitates the access to Harmful bacteria, increasing the risk of infection.

Clean underwear

Because of the perspiration and natural secretions of this part of the body, bacteria tend to accumulate in it, which can cause urinary infections (cystitis), colpitis or uterine inflammation. In order to limit these risks, care must be taken to choose natural cotton underwear and to be of adequate size, to absorb moisture and avoid friction, which is very irritating to the skin. In addition, these underwear must be changed daily and washed by hand, with warm water and natural soap, to avoid the risk of allergic reactions to detergents used in the washing machine.

Periodic control in the gynecologist

It is highly recommended that you regularly visit your gynecologist to preserve the health of your reproductive system. Not only will you be able to ask all the questions that bother you, but you will also get early screening for any disorder or disease that may jeopardize your fertility, your health or even your life. It is therefore advisable to go to your gynecological, once every 6 months, from the age of 21 years, and to carry out a screening smear every year, Then every three years, if the first two have not revealed the presence of any anomaly.

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