Ladies Full-body Orgasm

According to a swedish study statistics , 8 out of 10 women have difficulty reaching orgasm during intercourse. Lack of stimulation, pain in penetration, difficulty in reaching vaginal orgasm, etc. Are all factors that prevent women from feeling completely satisfied and generate a sense of disappointment and frustration. For your happiness ladies, we will present in this article the three intercourse positions that will help you reach the seventh heaven!

In order to discover the intercourse positions that make it easier for women to reach orgasm, Men's Health magazine conducted a survey of 500 readers of Women's Health magazine. Female testimonies grouped in favor of the following three:

The Andromache where the woman is above with 35% of the votes, the greyhound with 25% of the votes and the famous missionary with 23% of the votes. While the position of the spoon and the rider collected 5% of the votes and a small 4% for the sodomy. Here is how to achieve these positions for an intense orgasm.

The 3 positions that allow women to reach orgasm more easily:

The Andromache:

In this position that has existed since antiquity, the woman is positioned above her partner lying on her back and chooses to sit or crouch. By resting on the man's torso or on her thighs, the woman leads the dance by choosing the angle and depth of penetration that suit her. It can also control the rhythm of the thrusts by accelerating or slowing down its kidney strokes. As for the man, he can enjoy the freedom of movement of his hands to caress his partner on the whole surface of his body.

This position also allows the partners to see and follow the facial expressions of the other and to read there the evolution of his pleasure.

The doggy style

The position of the doggy, also called position of the point G, is the subject of many male fantasies. Having an animal connotation and not allowing any visual contact, it represents the intercourse relationship in its primary form. Kneeling on all fours in front of her partner, the position of the doggy allows a deep penetration that stimulates the point G, known for its intensifying effect of orgasm. However, in adopting this position the woman finds herself at the mercy of her partner's desire which controls the depth of penetration and the rhythm of movement.

On the other hand, the doggy style is also seen as a liberating position for the woman, since she can enjoy the prowess of her partner without worrying about the expressions that pass on her face.

The position of the missionary

The missionary is one of the simplest and most widespread positions, but not the least appreciated. Allowing to keep a visual contact throughout the intercourse as well as a skin-to-skin that extends over the whole body, it is the privileged position of the romantic couples. Even if the woman does not enjoy a great freedom of movement since she lies beneath her partner, she has the ability to control the depth of penetration. Moreover, by choosing a favorable angle of penetration, the partner can exert some friction against the clitoris and vaginal walls, which will help the woman to reach her orgasm more easily.

To conclude, it is important to know that the psychological factor has a great influence on the ability of women to reach orgasm. Showing yourself hard and amplifying your physical complex will only alter your self-confidence and your intimacy fulfillment.

Do not forget, ladies, that if Monsieur chose you and not another, it is because he already appreciates you as you are. Leave aside all these prejudices and clichés concerning the perfect body, and let the goddess who is in you take over.

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