The microwave has become an indispensable domestic appliance in every household. Whether it is heating baby milk, thawing a chicken breast faster or warming a pasta dish the day before in a matter of seconds, we tend to run towards this spokes device. However, many studies have demonstrated over the years why it is so dangerous and why it is absolutely necessary to reduce or even banish its use at home.

What is a microwave?

The AC current, and thus the electrical energy, is first transformed into direct current to supply the core of the microwave, an element called magnetron. This small object is actually a cylindrical anode towards which the electrons of the cathode are directed, but since there are also magnets, an assembly of rotating electrons is created. The loads then come into action with the resonant cavities which have repercussions on the blades present on the sides and form a very high frequency magnetic field (2.450 MHz, equivalent to 2.45 billion oscillations per second).

An antenna is placed on the top of the unit. It retains the magnetic field and sends it to the waveguide. The waves are brought to a helix which will propagate them inside the furnace. This is how they penetrate into food by bouncing off the walls of the microwave and being returned to the food.

Negative effects

Some scientists have conducted studies on electromagnetic radiation. One of them, Paul Wypychowski, says that microwaves are dangerous, to the point that they could cause tumors. He argues that microwaves are comparable to the power of radars used by planes. According to him, this is why everyone should realize that electromagnetic radiation is carcinogenic and mutagenic (it can alter the structure of DNA in humans).

Microwave can affect your health and that of your loved ones in two ways: either because you consume foods that have been exposed to the shelves of the appliance, or because you are placed next to a microwave in market.

Of course, the radiation is emitted inside the microwave but it has been proved that the radiation passes through its walls not at all tight. This phenomenon is known as radiation leakage. The latter then act in rooms where the microwave is installed (usually the kitchen) by putting us directly in contact with the danger of these radiations.

Symptoms due to prolonged exposure are very varied but usually include somnolence, difficulty concentrating, hormonal dysregulation, chronic headaches, constant fatigue, and sometimes even fertility problems.

Over time, and too prolonged and too frequent exposure to the rays, you increase your chances of weakening your immune system and favor the field to carcinogenic cells.

A few tips :

By avoiding having a microwave, you will be less likely to buy dishes to warm and you will prepare your meals more often, which will retain the vitamins and nutrients present in the food. Prefer a conventional oven or cooking on a fire


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