Say without thinking what intercourses position you like most and which one you like the least? It is more than likely that you have thought of positions highly appreciated by the majority of people.

Each person has a predilection position when she feels naughty mood. From the basic missionary to the pro Kama Sutra (which requires great muscle strength, balance and skill), there are hundreds of positions to practice. But if you swear by the missionary and greyhound, for special occasions, it would be time to broaden your horizons.

The basic positions

The doggy style

Professionals conducted surveys to find out what were the preferred positions of people to make love. It is interesting to note that 43% of those polled admitted to have a weakness for the greyhound. Not only is the man happy to have an unobstructed view but it also allows him to have better access to point G. The only problem with this position is that there is no room for privacy or proximity. In view of the rather animal and wild aspect of the doggy style, do not expect a lot of romance. To compensate for this lack of sweetness, you can take breaks to kiss or take you in the arms of each other.

The Reverse Cowgirl

This position comes second with 27% of the votes. It is practiced when the woman is seated above the man, her back turned, and she looks in front of her. Both men and women are mad at this position and who would not?

Men can thus see the body of their beloved in their entirety, and women take matters into their own hands. Men can however dominate their partner by squeezing it as hard as possible to feel the maximum.

If you want to change, you can turn the other way, to be in front of your companion. Be creative and ingenious, women and men alike love seduction and originality.

The missionary

In third position, we find the missionary with about 17% of the votes. Some may find it annoying, but others adore the intimacy it generates, including strong visual contact. But why ?

When you make love as a missionary, you can not be more glued and close to your partner physically. In addition, it is the most natural position and one of the first that everyone has tested. Although it is classic, some wonder if men do not prefer it because they have all the power. But despite being very basic, the missionary's position encourages proximity, visual contact and intimacy. However, if all your reports are in this position, ask yourself if your companion is not uncomfortable with his body, if he does not trust his movements and abilities. The position of the missionary is perhaps romantic but it is not very rash.

A more original assortment

All respondents also tied the wheelbarrow, intercourse on a countertop or work plane and tied scissors. It is obvious that creativity is a centerpiece in the field of intimacy. Finally, the union of the butterfly, and the position of the lotus are also positions that the respondents could practice one day or the other.

When it comes to making love, positions are like coffee: everyone loves something special but there are classics that everyone takes. If you want to spice up your intimacy life, get out of your comfort zone and try new things in new places.

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