You thought the onion was just a vegetable? And do not hesitate because it is full of unsuspected benefits. It relieves and treats many ailments and many affections, it is a true panacea! Whether it is fever, flu, warts, or even otitis, this wonder of nature goes into the preparation of many curative and preventive recipes.

Two elements make the onion a natural medicine, it is selenium and quercetin.

Selenium acts as an effective antioxidant and helps prevent cardiovascular disease and asthma.

Quercetin helps fight allergies, reduces the risk of asthma and inflammation.
Thanks to these two elements and to other sulfur compounds, the onion, when consumed fresh and possibly organic, allows to act like an antihistamine, an antioxidant, an anti-cholesterol and a powerful anti-inflammatory. In certain conditions, it is also a very good antibiotic.

Onion treats colds
The medicinal use of the most common onion is that made against the common cold; Just cut an onion in half and place it on the bedside table or under the bed at bedtime. It will be necessary to bear the smell a little strong because the essences that will diffuse will uncork the nose and help to pass a good night.

It cures the cough
Consumed in syrup, it allows to cure the cough thanks to its antibiotic effects; In infusion with honey, it soothes sore throat.

It lowers the fever
Simply chop three or four onions, place them around the feet and hold them with a cloth covered with a plastic bag. The ideal is to place this plaster before sleeping and let it act during the night to bring down the temperature.

It works against ear infections and ear pain
To do this, cut a piece of onion, place it in the ear and leave it overnight if possible. Its anti-inflammatory action will rid you of this throbbing pain.

It heals wounds
In case of cut or small wound, cut an onion in half and apply one half on the wound; The juice that is extracted will cleanse the infection. Then use the onion skin to dress the wound to protect it and block the bleeding.

It treats infections
To treat an infected wound, clean it and apply the following preparation: soak a slice of bread in warm milk and add a grated onion, mix and apply this paste on the wound and let it harden. Allow to stand for a few hours before cleaning. It is advisable to repeat the operation twice a day.

It relieves burns
In case of burning, place on top one half of onion which will instantly soothe and heal. For an even more effective healing, you can apply a little of the beaten egg white and let dry by covering with gauze.

It treats warts
Put a small piece of onion on the wart, cover with a dressing and leave to act a few days so that the onion burns it.

It lowers blood pressure
By eating one or two raw (or lightly stirred) onions a day, you will help lower your blood pressure.

It has a cicatrizing effect
To get rid of the scars, cut an onion and extract the juice; Soak a clean cloth and apply it on the scar. For a guaranteed effect, repeat the operation more than once a day for three days.

It relieves sunburn
If you have stayed too long in the sun and some areas of your body have burned and turned red, place a slice of onion on the sunburn then a beaten egg white. This mixture will protect and relieve your skin by accelerating its regeneration.

It relieves insect bites
After a painful insect bite of the wasp or bee type, clean it quickly with cold water and place onion. Its vapors will have an anti-venom effect that will deflate the skin in a few minutes.

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