Mudras For Relaxation

This article will deal with a little known topic: the mudra for relaxation, or all the gestures to do with your hands. This practice is a form of yoga specific to this part of the body. This name comes from Sanskrit means "trigger of pleasure" because "mud" means pleasure, joy and "ra" trigger. By adopting this practice regularly, you will learn to take advantage of your 10 fingers and feel the well-being that follows. This will allow you to feel better, soothe your body and mind, and most importantly, replenish energy in your life.

It is not necessarily mandatory that you have practiced yoga before. If you can move your arms and hands, you can perform the mudra exercises without any problem. The most phenomenal is that it will not take you more than 3 minutes.

Mudras For Relaxation

Atmanjali Mudra

 Atmanjali mudra

This mudra, specific to relaxation, is also called mudra of love. By doing this, you will find yourself in a state of meditation and self-awareness. In Hindu culture, it is also a gesture of reverence that proves respect and love for the other. It creates harmony, balance and peace in your deepest being.

Ushas Mudra

Ushas mudra

Interlace your hands leaving the right thumb between the left thumb and the right index finger. This gesture is also called mudra of peace. It renews your energy and awakens two of your most important senses: creativity. Moreover, thanks to this position, you can easily fight stress.

Padma Mudra

Padma mudra

Put your arms facing your torso, hands and fingers well stretched forward. Join the wrestler as your left finger at the right and your right thumb to his left fellow. You will form a kind of flower with your hands.
This gesture specific to relaxation is called lotus mudra because the flower that your hands form resembles the flower of the lotus. It puts symbiosis between your body and mind. It is highly recommended to people suffering from heart problems.

Chin Mudra

Chin Mudra

Join your middle finger to your thumb to form a round, and stretch the rest of your fingers forward.

The chin mudra is very special. The message is that the person is one with the Universe. It not only helps you to accept yourself in space and time but also to understand the different states that your energy can pass through. The union of the middle finger with the thumb makes the energy circuit of your body closes, which promotes relaxation and harmony. Enjoy calm and meditation.

Surya Mudra

Surya mudra

Push with your thumb your finger towards the center of your hand while simultaneously stretching the rest of your fingers forward.

This mudra for relaxation helps to control cholesterol and helps to reduce body mass. This practice also calms the anxiety and attenuates the problems of digestion.

Now you know what you have to do to relax. The most interesting is that you will only need your fingers and 3 minutes for each exercise.

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