Girls With Big Boobs Will Understand

While some would be damned to have a big chest, others would do everything to reduce it, because it is causing several small inconveniences ...

There are chests of all shapes and sizes. Girls with small breasts envy those who have a generous one because they believe that a pulpy chest is more attractive and attractive. Only, they ignore several things that only girls with big breasts can understand. If you are one of those girls, you will necessarily recognize yourself.

Getting dressed is a challenge!

You can make a small size, be svelte and fine, your chest decides otherwise and you have to buy tops of basketball players to have a suitable and comfortable outfit. Joking aside, the t-shirts and tops that are supposed to go will not suit you at all, they tend to go up because your chest takes more fabric than it should. If you have a generous chest, you are always obliged to buy tops that are larger than yours so that they will go and you can move without being afraid to discover you.

Some discomforts ...

Large breasts can cause minor discomforts. For example, it is virtually impossible to lie down on your stomach, you often have a bad back, you have creases in the middle of the breasts at the end of the day because of the bra and you tend to graze unwittingly People in the vicinity, in buses, markets and public places.


Women with large breasts tend to perspire as common mortals by the armpits, but also between and under the breasts because the latter form folds of skin. They are then obliged to check often that haloes have not formed under the breasts ...

Sexy lingerie

Fine lingerie is not as sexy on you as on smaller breasts, it's a sad reality. Girls with big tits unfortunately do not have the chance to praise their trumps and wear sexy underwear, because the latter are more covering. They support more material and are therefore less refined. It is true that they are more comfortable and effective because they support better (and we must admit it is first of all what we are looking for in an undergarment), but you will have to forget the small straps In fine lace and silk laces ...


A chest too bulky tends to weigh too much, which generates traces of straps on the skin. Then it is quite understandable that at the end of the day, there is only one desire: rush to remove this bra! And it is an absolute pleasure.

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