Make Your Manicure Last Longer

A distracted gesture, an object that falls on your fingers and you can say goodbye to this beautiful manicure that you have given yourself so much trouble to do the day before. It is true that the life of a girl coquette is not easy ... Unless you know these tips to make your manicure last and prevent your varnish from flaking!

Our hands are constantly in demand during the day, so much so that it is difficult to dream of a perfectly neat manicure that can last more than a few days. But not if you apply the following tips!

Today, we will not ask you to renew your collection of nail polish or to visit your beautician every two days, far from it. All tips to follow are natural and accessible.

Varnishes like heat!

A good manicure starts with a good application. So to simplify it, dip your vial of varnish a few minutes (5 to 10) in a bowl of hot water in order to make it more fluid and thus easier to apply. You can also just rub the bottle between your hands a few minutes before using it.

A perfect application

If you are a flirtatious girl, you should know that the varnish tends to peel more on the edges of the nail than on the center. This is quite normal because these are the places most in contact with external objects. So to avoid having your nails half-manicured and neglected, apply varnish on the top edges of your nails but without covering the lunula. Thus, you will reinforce the hold of your varnish and avoid that the latter does not crumble at the edges and the end.

Choose two thin coats of varnish rather than one thick to prevent it from peeling and ensure it will dry quickly. Then apply a top coat to protect your varnish and make it more resistant.

At the end of the operation, dip your hands in a cold water bath. The cold will freeze the varnish and make it brighter.

Sequined varnishes

And yes, the fashion of varnish "ball to facet" has come back and it is rather good news because they have the advantage to hold perfectly! And if you find them a bit too loaded, apply plain varnish then a second layer of glittery varnish so that it is more discreet and sober.

Other tips to make your manicure last

Here are some tricks that will allow you to have real fairy fingers:

  • Wipe your nails with solvent before each application, since the naturally occurring fat on the nails can chip the varnish.
  • Polish your nails with the file to equalize the surface and remove the small bumps and hollows that will make that your varnish will not be regular.
  • Do not make your nails grow more than two millimeters after the tip of your finger. Long nails are more fragile and more prone to daily aggression. A manicure can be as beautiful on short nails as on long nails, the first option might even be more classy.
  • You can opt for a rubberized base before applying your varnish, it will protect it and hold it longer. Professionals swear by this trick!
  • Do not be impatient, wait until your varnish dries before applying your top-coat
  • Prefer shiny varnishes to matt varnishes, as they last less resistant.
  • Apply a thin coat of top coat to your nails every two to three days to make your manicure more resistant to daily aggressions.

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