Sock Trick Tonight

When the temperatures begin to cool, the chances of catching a cold or a flu are multiplying. Fever, headaches, congestion and runny nose, so many troublesome symptoms that prevent you from performing during the day and enjoy a restful night's sleep. To relieve all these symptoms, without having to endure the side effects of certain drugs, try this amazing grandmother's trick: wet socks.

Even though this tip seems rather odd, even illogical, it remains one of the most widely used grandmother remedies against cold spells. It can be followed in treatment or prevention, to avoid being contaminated by the disease. What is it?

The trick of wet socks

To achieve this tip, you will need a pair of fine cotton socks, a pair of thick wool socks and a basin of cold water. Start by warming your feet carefully by covering them with a warm blanket or soaking them for 10 minutes in a basin of hot (but not hot) water. In the meantime, soak your thin socks in the cold water basin and squeeze them several times, until they do not taste any more. You can also place them in your refrigerator for a few minutes for best results. Once your feet are warm, dry them and put on your cold socks, then cover them with your thick socks and go to bed. Cover your feet well and try to stay warm all night long, avoiding discovering yourself or leaving your bed.

Do this a few nights in a row to avoid being contaminated by the disease, or to effectively and naturally reduce the troublesome symptoms of colds and flu.

Why is the tip of wet socks effective?

Also known as "hot compress", this trick must be effective in its regulating effect of body temperature and in its stimulating action of the blood circulation and the immune system.

According to Dr. James Wallace, Director of the Medical Clinic at the Bastyr for Natural Health Center, the cold sensation of wearing wet socks tightens the blood vessels at the feet, helping to Different parts of the body, bringing a new amount of oxygen and nutrients that help our immune system fight effectively against infection or the virus.

In addition, by pushing the body to warm the feet, cold socks promote better circulation of blood and fluids, help regulate body temperature and lower fever, and reduce congestion in the upper respiratory tract, And relieve headaches and throat. As the temperature of the feet increases, the blood vessels dilate and the tissues release the toxins into the blood, which will facilitate their elimination thereafter.

In addition, due to its relaxing effect and its ability to boost the body 's immune system, several patients reported that wearing sleepy socks at night gave them better sleep, pain relief, Faster recovery in cases of acute infections.

Other tips to relieve flu symptoms:

You can use other variants of this remedy, replacing water with vinegar, also known for its ability to lower fever and activate blood circulation.

As for people who can not put wet socks on, they can just put onion rings or a mashed raw potato in their socks before putting on and keeping them all night. These two vegetables help to absorb toxins from the body and to regulate body temperature.

It is also advisable to drink plenty of water and consume fruits rich in vitamin C, in order to avoid dehydration and strengthen the immune system.

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