In the intercourse act, preliminaries are the longest and most important stage. Each partner must take the time to familiarize himself with the body of the other, to explore it and to locate the erogenous zones whose stimulation will lead them to the seventh heaven. So, to help you pass this step to perfection, we have grouped for you 7 parts of the body that will make you lose your head.

Making love is a moment of sharing and intimacy where all the barriers fall, to leave room for desire and carnal pleasure. To guarantee a memorable end to this act and to make the two partners feel fulfilled, one must take his time and satisfy his hunger for the other's body. For this, the stage of the preliminaries is crucial because, through the stimulation of certain erogenous zones, it makes it possible to raise the temperature of Monsieur and to make him languish, while preparing Madame to welcome it well. Thus, they will both arrive at an optimal level of harmony and harmony.

The 7 parts of the body to stimulate for an intense orgasm:

The nipples

It is common knowledge that among the preliminary acts most appreciated in women is the stimulation of the breasts, and especially of the nipples. Not only does this relieve her sexual desire but it also stimulates the secretion of oxytocin in her brain, which increases the intensity of her pleasure and her orgasm. But what few women know is that this part is just as sensitive in man. So, ladies, do not hesitate to give him favor by playing with his little buttons, pinching them lightly, licking them or biting them. Be careful not to hurt him, at the risk of getting the opposite effect.


The thighs usually do not receive much attention, because as soon as one approaches, the buttocks or the genitals steal the lights of the projectors. Now, by failing to stimulate them, you miss out on a great hot effect! Indeed, by patting languorously the surface and the inside of the thighs without touching the pot with the honey, you produce an effect of anticipation that will leave your partner panting.


Around this precise point and going a little down, the whole area is of an exquisite sensibility which responds favorably to the caresses. By gently waving your fingers over this entire area of your partner's body, or caressing it with your tongue, you send delicious thrills down her stomach and back, which will multiply her pleasure.


In addition to being a gesture of great intimacy, sucking the toes is very erotic. Indeed, the soles of the feet and the toes contain many nerve endings that respond favorably to stimulation, whether in the form of massage, caresses or others. Besides, it is not for nothing that there are foot fetishists!

The lobe of the ear

Stimulating the ears only by sounds or words, as erotic as they are, does not give them all their right! Indeed, this part is very sensitive and represents one of the most erogenous zones of the body. So you can stroke it with your fingers, your lips or your tongue to make your partner lose his sense of direction. Do not forget to nibble the earlobe and explore the area behind it. Try and you'll see! Guaranteed effect.

The neck

You certainly remember the pleasure and feeling of well-being you felt during your last relaxing massage session, so imagine the effect your darling's hands or mouth will have on this part of your body. To caress it with the lips, to touch it with the tip of the tongue or to mark therein a hickey will lead you both to the seventh heaven!

The hair

Having a feminine and sexual connotation for centuries, the hair also have a say during a the intercourse. To let them dance to the rhythms of your movements or that they are wrapped around the wrist of Monsieur gives the act a strong dose of eroticism and pleasure. On the other hand, when the woman plunges her fingers into her darling's hair while lavishing pleasure on him, he considers this gesture as an encouragement and will be pleased to show her even more her prowess in terms of " Love!

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