Now aged 45, Mary had her first orgasm three years ago and it was not for want of trying! She was 19 when she made love for the first time. She was disappointed and could not help but wonder what was wrong. Unfortunately, things did not improve in their twenties or thirties.

She had, in the meantime, intercourse with two other men but still nothing. Then she decided not to have a relationship until she was married. Indeed, she married at 36 and made love with her husband only once the vows were pronounced.

Scheduled intercourses

Mary and her future husband went to a prenuptial counselor. She had established as a rule that they would make love three times a week. She had made that decision although she did not expect to have an orgasm. After experiencing two rather unreliable relationships, Mary knew she would appreciate physical affection as hugs and kisses.

What Mary read and heard of love was far from her own reality. Even if her husband had asked her to say what she liked or when she was having a good time, nothing was done. She knew basically that there was an explanation for her problem.

The day when everything tumbled

One day, Mary lives on the street an advertisement for a medical center for the sexuality of women. She began consulting with a doctor at the center in January 2011. She was 41 years old and had just stopped breastfeeding her second child.

The results of the blood tests showed that Mary had a very low testosterone level. So she had to make more effort to feel pleasure. She began hormonal treatment and regular follow-up, aided by the kindness and patience of her husband.

She followed the treatment for a year but unfortunately their intimate moments became more planned and less spontaneous because of their children. Sometimes they did not make love for weeks, until her husband reminded her. Their intimacy life changed during the second year of treatment when Mary was given a higher dose of testosterone.

Shortly after this succession of worries, the couple spent about 45 minutes in bed. It was their longest session since the beginning of their relationship. She confided that she had never felt so well, that pleasure was immeasurable and stronger than she had ever imagined. She felt as electric shocks cross her body.

Testosterone, as many advantages as disadvantages

Although the testosterone injections had a more abundant facial hair, they were saving. She stopped shortly after treatment because it had taken effect and she was now able to achieve regular orgasm.

If you suffer from the same disability that Mary has endured, consult a professional who will check your testosterone levels, an essential hormone for a fulfilling intimacy life, and help you to enjoy your privacy.

Warning ! Do not take hormonal treatment without prior consultation to discuss possible side effects and risks with your doctor. Thanks to the medicine and the support of your partner, you will soon know the joys of a pleasant and complete intimacy life.

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