Why You Should Pee In The Shower

The bathroom is a sacred place where a person puts taboos aside and indulges in certain actions that she would be unable to perform in public. Once the door is closed, everything is possible provided nothing comes out of these walls. Many people urinate in the shower but never dare to talk about it for fear of putting off.

It is normal to urinate in places intended for this, namely the toilet. For men, it is even "allowed" to do it in the wilderness if they can not restrain themselves. This action is seen as normal, but urinating in the shower is a taboo that no one dares to talk about.

Considered the temple of cleanliness and hygiene, the shower is not initially intended to accommodate the urine of people who wish to relieve themselves. Yet an American study has shown that 61% of Americans have already urinated in the shower, and it is very likely that this is also the case in other countries.

Contrary to popular belief, not being able to hold back in the shower is not as disgusting and dangerous as one might think. The urine is not only beneficial for the environment, but also for the body!

Urinating in the shower is good for the environment
Even if it can make you smile, urinating in the shower saves a lot of water. A British University tried the experiment by asking its 15,000 students not to hesitate to urinate in the shower for the good of the planet. This initiative, entirely ecological because it avoids wasting water, was set up by two students who realized that eating in the morning in the shower and not having to flush the toilet allows Saving the equivalent of 26 Olympic swimming pools a year.

It is not necessarily easy to apply this ritual because a lot of people are scorned about the idea of having to urinate in the shower.

Urinating in the shower is hygienic
For those who think that the best way to clean themselves up after going to the toilet (whether for small or big commission) is to use toilet paper to wipe, and you have it all wrong!

By wiping you do not necessarily clean, you only spread the bacteria especially if you just go to the saddle. The only foolproof element for deep cleaning is water! So make sure that by urinating in the shower not only the running water cleans you properly but also you avoid getting an infection by dint of using the toilet paper in the wrong way.

Urinating in the shower is good for your skin

The urine contains urea known to be moisturizing for the skin. It is a component that is found in many cosmetic products but is usually manufactured in a synthetic way. What better way to have access to the raw product without fragrance, preservatives or dyes? A 100% natural product easily accessible.

Urinating in the shower is good for your budget

Toilet paper is an element of everyday life found in most households. Whether it is a couple or a large family, the toilet paper budget is always consistent. But basically, nobody is excited about spending money on a product that will ultimately be covered with urine or excrement. Especially since for this part of the body one must not skimp and buy quality paper!

The flushing is carried out at least four times a day, urinating in the shower in the morning and / or in the evening will allow you to save paper, think of it!

Urinating in the shower is good for your libido

According to Christine Schoenwald, an American blogger specializing in the couple, it is possible to adopt a specific position in the shower to urinate in order to reach orgasm more easily. It advises to sit in a squat position, knees slightly bent to urinate, this exercise tones the pelvic muscles and can eventually increase pleasure, promote lubrication during intercourse and relieve vaginal pain.

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