5 Types Of Orgasms You Should Try Once In Your Life

Many women live in intimacy dissatisfaction without ever daring to talk about it. Female orgasm is not only a pleasure to explore, it is part of libido health and well-being. For a long time, he has been feeding the legends. The clichés persist and each one goes there of his reading concerning this search of nirvana. Some women only have one type of orgasm while others experience a dozen orgasms. 

Here are the 5 demystified orgasms.

The orgasmic discharge, this holy grail not reached by all, is triggered by the stimulation of an erogenous zone, which can be found on many parts of the body: mouth, neck, chest, ear lobe, Inside thighs and of course genital area.

To you the 5 orgasms defended ladies, but still need to know them! Many women think that these orgasms are a myth and are a feat or a gift that only a handful owns. Down with the taboos, let's review them and, who knows, that might give you ideas ...

Cervical orgasm, myth or reality

You have never heard of it and it is normal because it is less common than clitoral orgasm or that of point G. This point C as we like to call stimulates the cervix or cervix, And floods the whole abdominal region of pleasure.

Since the cervix is sensitive to touch, the risk of painful cervical contact is not ruled out. Experiment is a good thing but go for it if it hurts too much. To do it better, it's all about timing. Some women are more likely to reach the gold vein during ovulation or two weeks before menstruation begins.

Point G ... Point G my friend, tell me where are you hiding?

Many think that this mysterious zone coiled halfway between the entrance of the vagina and the bottom is a myth and yet ... If one manages with the fingers, making a circular caress while maintaining a certain pressure, there are all The chances of reaching the 7th heaven. For the anecdote, men also have their equivalent of point G, this is their point P, include prostate, a particularly sensitive and erogenous zone. And if you were going to titillate it to see it writhing with 

pleasure begging you to stop?

Let us return to our point G! A woman in phase with her body can go on the quest for this erectile tissue by solo stimulation, and discover intense pleasures enjoyment. This great shy can be detected and felt by touch. If your fingers stumble on a less smooth, even rough area, you're there. Stimulated, it swells and causes vaginal orgasms much more powerful than a clitoral orgasm. A woman who knows how to trigger this orgasm is more likely to multiply pleasure with her partner, in positions where she will lean forward.

Close-up orgasms, this magical series

Unlike men, the woman does not have to wait too long before reaching a new orgasm. Well, let's admit that it is not always easy to reach a single orgasm, so from there to hoping to reach 9 orgasms plus the 10th free, let's not even talk! And if some women have a faculty to chain orgasms, two, three and four times, not all women are so lucky. Everything is in practice and sometimes in the head! Women experience different types of orgasms, via G-spot or clitoris stimulation. This is what could logically explain this predisposition to achieve several orgasms in the same relationship. To put back the canopy, press on the excited area that has led to pleasure. That's it!

Oral anal, too taboo?

Anal coitus is still very taboo and its pleasures unrecognized. Know the ladies that the clitoris, the vagina and the sphincter are connected by the same nerve endings and blood vessels, so that the anus is one of the most important erogenous zones of the human body. Anal penetration gives the man as much pleasure as woman, because this orifice, tighter than the vagina, stimulates the penis. For a woman to enjoy it, it is important to put it in condition by making the preliminaries last and making sure to lubricate and stimulate simultaneously this zone and the vagina.

Orgasms combined, the apotheosis!

This exhilarating mix of two orgasms and an explosion of clitoral and vaginal sensations doubles the dose of pleasure. To achieve this, women prefer the position of the missionary.

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