According to a study conducted in 2005 by Irwin Goldstein, an American doctor, the average duration of intercourse is 7.3 minutes. Intercourse, evidently referring to the duration of penetration until ejaculation. The ideal time for a report to be satisfactory for both partners depends on many factors, including the level of excitement. But too short relationships, or premature ejaculations, are often frustrating for women. Here's how to make pleasure in bed last.

It sometimes happens that sir can not control himself during intercourse and is carried away by the passion of the moment a little too early. This situation is not always appreciated by his partner who remains hungry!

Follow our advice to make intercourse last as long as possible.

1 - The exercises of Kegel:

Designed by Dr. Kegel, these exercises were primarily intended for women with the aim of preventing and treating disorders due to impairment of the perineum, as well as to boost pleasure.

These exercises bring many benefits to men as well. Equipped with a perineum too, men can perform these exercises in order to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, to improve their prowess and enjoy more intense orgasms.

Indeed, a more toned perineum allows to have stronger erections, hard and longer. This also helps to hold longer during intercourse and to better control ejaculation. Recall that the contraction of the muscles of the pelvic floor can stop the ejaculation.

Better, the exercises Kegel, would fight against premature ejaculation. Indeed, according to a study conducted by the team of Dr. Antonio Pastore of the Sapienza University in Rome, strengthening the pelvic muscles could help to limit this problem. The study was conducted on 40 men all suffering from erectile dysfunction. After 12 weeks of exercises, 33 of them noticed a marked improvement and managed to hold 4 times longer. They went from 31, 7 seconds to 146.2 seconds before climax.

2 - Change the technique:

When you feel that the tension is rising, change the rules of the game. You can take a break, and enjoy to make a little treat to your partner, or simply change position. Note that some positions, like the missionary, stimulate more pleasure. That's why many men prefer that their partners take the reins!

Slowing down the pace can also be a great help to better control ejaculation.

3 - Banning meat from the diet:

Limiting or avoiding the consumption of meat, red in particular, is recommended to prevent several diseases, but also to have better endurance. This is proven by a study by researchers at Yale University in the United States.

The results showed that the vegetarians who participated in this study managed to hold their arms up, twice as long as the other participants.

The vegetarian diet provides the body with the essential nutrients it needs and increases its performance and endurance.

And since endurance is an essential point for longer intercourse, a vegetarian diet could be envisaged to improve its performance.

4 - The "Squeeze" technique:

When the excitement is too strong, this usually signals that ejaculation is approaching. To delay it to the maximum, try the technique "Squeeze", which literally means to press.

It is necessary to exert a strong pressure on the penis, more precisely under the glans, for a few seconds. This should help to calm the excitement and allow Monsieur to leave again more beautiful.

5 - Stimulation:

In addition to helping to explore her body and understand her needs, stimulation can also help manage pleasure. Indeed, it helps to better control the pleasure in the bed, because it allows to have a better control of itself.

Generally, to make the pleasure last, one must train to control the ejaculation. The best way to do this is to stop touching, when you feel that the fateful moment is approaching.

6 - Local anesthetics:

For those who are willing to do anything to make the pleasure last longer, sprays, creams and gels anesthetics, are a solution to consider.

Sold in pharmacies, these products cause desensitization of the glans, which helps to delay ejaculation and thus to hold longer during penetration.

These products should be applied a few minutes before intercourse.

7 - Stop thinking too much about it:

To make the relationship last as long as possible, try to think of something other than orgasm. This technique allows to calm the excitation during the ratio and thus to delay the ejaculation.

Try to concentrate on something else, the main thing being to have your mind elsewhere ... for a moment only!


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