8 Cooking Tools That Everyone Must Have At Home

You're passionate about cooking but you're short on time? This easy kitchen gadget selection allows you to simmer your favorite dishes without taking a head.

Egg breaker 2 in 1 not to break your head

With the egg separator EZ Cracker, look no longer for the shell lost in the bowl, this little gadget breaks the egg subtly and also separates the white from the yellow.

The Ninja knife disguised as scissors

The practical knife Clever Cutter knows how to make everyday cooking easier. Intelligently designed, this ergonomic utensil features a sharp blade and safety button, and easily goes into the dishwasher.

Peeling speed for the slackers

The dinner hour is approaching and you just put on your apron? Do not panic ! This small robot fruit and vegetable peeler is as effective as fast.

The 3 in 1 knife that talks to the avocado

Impress your guests with this modern and neat design. Da.Wa knife is THE multifunction gadget to pit, hollow out and cut out avocados in no time at all.

The design strainer that folds to your desires

The RMDLO Steam Colander is made of stainless steel. It allows to drain but also to cook steamed food and folds completely to be discreetly inserted in the drawers.

The revolutionary robot to cut fruits and vegetables as a chef

To cut fruits and vegetables into slices or slides, this utensil is the one you need in the kitchen. Thanks to its 3 interchangeable blades, it will add the touch of the chef to your dishes.

The slicer holding the watermelon at his mercy

Beyond its ingenious design, this versatile gadget with comfortable handles fits all the fruits to your dishes. It slides smoothly to unveil all your creativity.

The peeler of the future comes to you!

The Easy Slicer is a 3-blade peeler that also makes it possible to hollow out the fibrous part of the fruits with ease and without risk of cut. Quick and easy to handle, it is also used as a corkscrew.

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