Before Committing Suicide  Daniel Fitzpatrick

Insults, humiliation, threats, marginalization ... many students around the world are victims of school harassment, but few people talk about it! This form of violence, often verbal and psychological, remains much more discreet than physical harassment, but is no less hurtful. The consequences of harassment in schools can be serious or even fatal, as is the case of this 13-year-old child who committed suicide as a result of the intimidation he was subjected to.

What is school harassment?

Harassment is repeated violence that may be psychological, verbal or physical. This phenomenon is present in all environments; Professional, family and is even found in the school environment. In this case, we talk about school harassment.

Harassment in schools is characterized by the use of different forms of violence, mockery but also humiliation against pupils who are unable to defend themselves. They may be beaten, insulted and threatened repeatedly and may also be shelved.

This repeated violence is based on the stigmatization of some characteristics and on the refusal of difference. For example, students may receive offensive messages and nasty comments about their disability, physical appearance, social affiliation, or communication disabilities.

School harassment, what effect on the victim?

School harassment is often more discreet, except in cases of physical violence. It is therefore quite difficult for adults to detect it, especially since victims often remain silent for fear of being further ill-treated.

All of these violent behaviors obviously have different consequences, on several levels. Victims of school harassment are much more likely to be absent from school, to avoid harassment, and are more likely to drop out of school.

Harassment also affects their mental health and can cause anxiety attacks, loss of self-esteem, desocialization, depression, or even suicide in extreme cases. According to a study conducted by Young Voice, a British association, 61% of victims of harassment have suicidal thoughts!

It is true that the victims who think to execute these thoughts are not very numerous, but those who do, do not go unnoticed. This is precisely the case of a 13-year-old child who ended his life after being harassed in his school and who left a very moving letter before leaving.

Daniel Fitzpatrick, the story of a victim of school harassment:

Daniel Fitzpatrick is a 13-year-old child from Staten Island, United States. Constantly humiliated and intimidated by his comrades at the Holy Angels Catholic Academy, he decided to commit suicide. The child was found by his elder sister, in the attic of their house, suspended with a belt wrapped around his neck.

The news was overwhelming for the whole family and became even more difficult and painful to accept when her parents discovered the letter the child had written.

Daniel had indeed written a letter describing what he endured from his school. The harassment of his comrades, the humiliations, but also the negligence of the professors and the management were unbearable. He could no longer do so and ended up committing suicide a few days before his 14th birthday.
In his letter Daniel denounced the relentless harassment of five of his comrades, who were his friends before he changed schools and returned, but also the insensitivity of professors who had not taken the necessary measures after He asked for their help.

"At first it was good. I had lots of friends, good grades and a very good life, but when I changed schools and came back afterwards, everything became different. My old friends have changed, they no longer spoke to me and did not even appreciate me. " "Daniel said in his letter.

He also mentioned the dispute he had with his comrades: "Anthony, John, Marco, Jose and Jack were constantly harassing me. I ended up arguing with John, and ended up with a frayed little finger. "

 "I give up," wrote the child in his letter. "Teachers ... they did not do anything! "

Daniel's family describes him as a very sensitive person, which certainly made him an easy prey for his stalkers. He was often humiliated, intimidated and harassed for his weight and his notes.

Daniel's letter is seen as a poignant testimony to the harassment of students across the world. S

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