The majority of diets are established by nutrition experts recognized and specialized in weight loss. Each diet is based on a targeted diet to lose weight in specific places. In this article we offer you not only a diet that will promote localized weight loss but also prevent bad cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a fat that circulates in the blood and is made by the body to 70%, the remaining 30% from the diet. It is found mainly in animal proteins. Nowadays, having too much cholesterol in the blood has become a scourge that affects more and more people, it is a real health problem that is part of everyday life. However, do not confuse good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.

The good cholesterol

In reasonable quantities, the good cholesterol called HDL (highdensitylipoprotein, high density lipoprotein) is necessary for the proper functioning of the body because it cleans and promotes the circulation of fat to the liver. The latter will then neutralize them with the help of the bile through the digestive tract. The HDL level should be greater than 0.4 g / L to protect against cardiovascular disorders.

The bad cholesterol

In contrast, bad cholesterol, known as LDL (lowdensitylipoprotein, low density lipoprotein), blocks the arteries and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is these LDLs which promote the deposition of cholesterol on the arterial walls and lead to the appearance of plates of fat called plaques of atheroma. The LDL level should not exceed 1.6 g / L.

When talking about total cholesterol, this corresponds to the combined LDL and HDL levels, this overall rate should not exceed 2g / L.

The level of cholesterol in the blood is known through a blood test.

To avoid medical treatment, it is possible to reduce LDL levels by adopting a healthy, balanced diet that targets bad fats and cleanses the body. Here is an example of a diet that promotes weight loss and prevents bad cholesterol.

Typical week:

It should be noted that under this diet the breakfast is always the same, it consists of drinking green tea without sugar, eating two rusks without salt with cereals and eating two fruits of season (except bananas and grapes that Are very sweet).

Day 1 :

Lunch :  A broccoli omelet (two eggs)
            Goat's milk yogurt
Dinner : A tomato and cucumber salad (two tomatoes and a half cucumber)
            Two hard boiled eggs
            A salt-free cereal rusk

Day 2:

Lunch : Two scrambled eggs
            A carrot / orange salad

Dinner :  125 grams of grilled chicken breast
             A Tomato
             A biscuit
             A cup of green tea

Day 3:

Lunch : A hard egg
           A lettuce / cucumber salad
           A fresh goat cheese

Dinner :  125 grams of steamed white fish
              Fennel and green bean salad

Day 4:

Lunch : A salad containing a tomato, 125 grams of sheep cheese and herbs
           A baked chicken breast
           A granny apple

Dinner : A Roasted Ratatouille with tomatoes, onions, aubergines, courgettes, parsley mushrooms, seasoned with olive oil and thyme
A cereal rusk

Day 5:

Lunch :  200 grams of baked white fish 
            Cauliflower and steamed carrots
            A cereal rusk

Dinner : A soup of leeks and potatoes
            A goat milk white cheese

Nutritionists recommend taking a two-day break at the end of the fifth day and then resuming the same rhythm: five days of dieting and then two days of rest.

Avoid using salt and use as many spices and herbs as possible to raise your dishes. It is also not advisable to drink alcohol to not skew weight loss and it is imperative not to skip any meal!

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