Best Haircut For Your Face Shape

Oval face, round, long, square ... each shape of the face requires specific types of hairstyles to highlight its features. But do not ask for the services of a cosmetician to find the perfect cut for you, just follow our advice!

We all dream of finding the perfect cut that perfectly matches our face shape. To help you choose the right one, we suggest below the missteps to avoid and the tips to adopt to find LA hairstyle that suits you the most!

Oval face :

You have a fine chin and a forehead neither too small nor too wide? You can rejoice, because you have the perfect face shape; The oval shape.

Indeed, the oval shape is perfectly balanced in width and length. Women who possess this form of face can therefore afford everything, because they have no flaws to hide. They can pass from the very long to the short while passing by the variants of gradient ... it is a matter of choice and not of convenience!

It is however advisable to opt for the cuts that clear the face, to highlight its harmony and avoid the too masculine cuts that break its femininity and softness.

Round face :

The round face is characterized by a chin and rounded cheekbones that give childish airs. To emphasize this shape of the face, it is necessary to bet on the cuts that aim to lengthen and refine the face.

Thus, the cuts that give volume on the top of the head or those asymmetrical are preferred. But the ideal would be to have medium-length or long hair with gradients, to stretch the face and give it more length.

Cuts to avoid? Cuts that bring a lot of volume to the side as is the case for squares too short, square ball or bowl cut. Also forget the flat hair on the face and the stripe in the middle!

Square face :

With a pronounced forehead and a fairly wide jaw, the square face can give somewhat masculine tunes. The ideal would be to opt for cuts that soften the features of the face and its square structure.

Opt for degraded cuts that will rebalance the face or blurry hairstyles that hide a part of the face. The fringes and ripples are also very good options and do not forget to bring the magnitude above the head to lengthen the face.

On the other hand, too short cuts and ponytails should be avoided because they tend to harden the features.

Long face:

Not very different from the oval face, the long face is distinguished by a longer chin.

To find the right cut or hairstyle for this face shape, you must bet on those that break its length. The goal is to broaden and soften the face as well as restructure it. Choose unstructured gradients and angled fringes to hide a rather wide forehead. As for the length, it is advisable to opt for mid-length cuts that arrive at the level of the shoulders.

Hair that is too long and smooth, and too short cuts should be avoided, as they only accentuate the long aspect of the face.

Face in the shape of a heart:

The heart-shaped face, also called a triangular face with a pointed toe, is characterized by a narrow chin, a broad forehead and slightly pronounced cheekbones.

In order to balance the proportions of the face, choose cuts that bring thickness to the chin and reduce the width at the forehead. The first thing to do is adopt the fringe or wick slant that will erase part of the forehead. Be sure to opt for mid-length or short cuts, degraded and with some ripples in the lengths. A diving square is also recommended!

The missteps to avoid: the cuts too short and the cuts long and without volume.

Diamond-shaped face:

The diamond-shaped or triangular face is the opposite of the heart shaped one! It is characterized by a prominent chin and a small forehead.

The most suitable haircut is the one that harmonizes the face and balance it so as to reduce the thickness of the chin. For this reason, it is necessary to choose mid-length or long, preferably degraded and wavy cuts, in order to refine the jaw and keep volume at the top of the head to widen this part.

On the other hand, fringes and cuts that are too short and masculine are to be avoided because they will accentuate the imbalance of the face.

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