Profile Of Your Partner According To His Sign Of The Zodiac

Did you know that astrology could reveal hidden sides of your lover's personality? In bed, is he rather timorous, passionate, no-limit, romantic? Find out what the stars say about your partner's profile.

If it is a Aries
Aries is this sign of fire that turns everything into a brazier. Do not try to make him languish too much, he does not like being resisted and exercises an instant power over women. Inconstant, obstinate, always in action, it is not easy to follow or to surround, sometimes calm, sometimes inflamed. Not inclined to cajoleries and hugs, you can reproach this little tyrant of hearts his lack of sensitivity and delicacy.

If it is a Taurus
The Taurus man is a conqueror, a sensual epicurean to wish. His libido is devastating, as it sweeps away taboos, complex and half-measures. With him, intercouse is all that is most natural and all pleasure is good to take. He loves to give more than to receive, and the more he gives you, the more he will have. It might seem to you sometimes too modest, not being the kind to make you confidences, to cover you with compliments or to tanner you with sweet words. It lacks attention because it is of those who fall in love in slow motion, although it is a fervent follower of the orgasm at full speed.

If it's a Gemini
He knows how to light you in a quarter turn even when you discuss politics. Normal, in man Gemini, thin speaker, intellectual, eroticism is linked to communication and intercourse happens above all in the head. Desire pleasure makes sense to him only if the neurons are titillated to then enjoy subtle preliminaries and fun ludic. What matters is the means, not the end. If you have a keen desire for variety, you will never be disappointed with this sign endowed with an overflowing imagination.

If it's a Cancer
Know, ladies, that the perfect partner is getting closer to Cancer. He is a considerate lover who will fill you with tenderness, affection, and romance. He displays an erotic sensibility in his relationships, his libido expresses passion, sweetness, intimacy and sincerity.

If it's a Lio
Too narcissistic, some say, the man Lion likes to arouse the admiration of his conquests and see his flattered ego. He loves the pleasures of the flesh and loves to affirm his appeal and dominate his partner. Selfish? Not in the least, it will be enough to make him vibrate so that it reserves to you the part of the lion, passionately.

If it is a Virgin
Behind her crazy cerebral pace of control, hides a conventional lover, cautious, in search of refined pleasures and ideal lovers. The intercourse where everything is only slowness and pleasure suits him perfectly. When he gives free rein to his passion, this one is bewitching.

If it's a Libra
The man Libra has chills only with females who maintain the mystery, or women inaccessible even disdainful or dangerous. He is an outstanding seducer. Galant and full of tact, if he becomes bold, he will never show himself pressing or sticky.

If it's a Scorpion
Tenebrous and magnetic, this champion of burning eroticism has an extreme temperament that hates routine. He likes the ruffling way roller coaster, rather dominant than dominated, between pain and pleasure, ascendancy and destruction, repulsion and passion.

If it is a Sagittarius
He is decomplexed, impulsive and subject to spontaneous favorites, always looking for new experiences. To frolic, why deprive yourself? He lives his libido fully without interdicts or safeguards.

If it is a Capricorn
He shows some reserve in his physical relations and needs to be put in confidence. He gives little space to carnal pleasure in his life and takes time to open and express his desires, sometimes revealing a nature of fire under an ice temperament.

If it is an Aquarius
He is not the type to lose his head or control at the slightest part of the legs in the air. He is rather of the sort to escape promises and commitments, and lives his intimacy with an astonishing lightness.

If it is a Poisson
He manifests his desires but it is not for that reason that it is a rider of petticoats. On the contrary, he is concerned about the pleasure of his partner, full of attention and tenderness.

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