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As Mother Teresa said, "If you judge people, you do not have time to love them." We tend to make judgments all the time, at least to some extent. Many of our opinions and tastes are some form of judgment, even if they seem harmless. But others can be harmful, both to us and others. Here are five ways to stop judging and being a happy and accepting person.

1. Practicing the Full Consciousness The awareness of your thoughts and the judgments you make is the first step in opening your heart and mind. This practice helps you to be more attentive in your daily life. But it is important to pursue this objective proactively.

2. Cultivate empathy According to an Amerindian wisdom "Do not judge a man until you have walked for two moons in his moccasins". Many people tend to think that empathy is a sign of weakness rather than strength, cowardice rather than assertiveness. But empathy is a powerful trait of character that can help you to drop the judgments. It leads you to intentionally appreciate a situation from another point of view.

3. Note the impact of judgments on your mood It might seem that when you judge others, you rise in a certain way. However, if you are inclined to judge, it is likely that you judge yourself personally to some extent, hooking you to weaknesses buried in your mind. You are probably either very critical of yourself, or sensitive to others' judgments about you. Being personally accepting yourself and showing tolerance towards others is the best way to be in harmony with your authentic Self.

4. Forging Your Openness Generally, you are judging because you think you have infused science. However, in reality, this perspective is influenced by your personal stories, your experiences, your culture and a host of other factors. Therefore, instead of concentrating on the empty half of the bottle, it is preferable to be open-minded and curious to detect the positive aspects in your interlocutors.

5. Strengthen your sociability One of the best ways to reduce the tendency to judge others is to interact with a variety of people with different cultures and sensitivities who share a variety of opinions. A study confirms that when we have different friends, we are more inclined to open ourselves to diversity. In addition, you open up to people who seem different at first may often reveal deeper commonalities.

In short, imagine how your life would be different if you stopped making assumptions and making negative judgments about the people you meet. See goodness in others and respect their path.

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