Massage Your Feet Every Day

The feet support all the load and pressure of the body and do not often have the opportunity to breathe due to the shoes. It is therefore necessary to take care of them and massage them to offer them a moment of relaxation amply deserved. Foot massage, which is inspired by plantar reflexology, has multiple virtues because being linked to all the organs they make it possible to relieve the pains and to evacuate the tensions.

The origins of Reflexology

The link between the feet and the organs is inspired by the Reflexology that consists in massaging the arch of the foot. Practiced for more than 5,000 years, this technique is native to Chinese medicine which believes that the human body is crossed by twelve meridians that connect the bodies together and ensure the flow of energy. The circulation of this energy is ensured by the manipulation of specific zones of impulse which need to be massaged and pressed to restore the equilibrium of the organs.

In China, the foot is considered a spiritual zone, in Chinese this term means "part of the body that safeguards health". Touching a person's feet is like touching his soul because they are linked to all the organs of the human body.

In Western culture, this science was first studied by an American doctor called William Fitzgerald recognized as the founder of modern reflexology then taken over by Eunice Stopfel an American physiotherapist who based his research on the association between specific areas Feet and each organ. She is now considered the mother of reflexology.

The benefits of reflexology

This method restores balance to the body and circulates energy uniformly. Each point of impulse is a mine of information to rid the nervous system of the stress and tensions that it undergoes and thus to remove all the negative emotions likely to reinforce the anxiety.

Reflexology is therefore effective in relieving internal balance disorders such as migraines, insomnia, back pain or bloating. It is a source of relaxation and relaxation which prevents many affections without any danger.

The massage of the foot is inspired by plantar reflexology and thus helps to alleviate many ailments. More and more people are interested in this practice with multiple benefits because it makes it possible to remedy or even detect certain dysfunctions that it is not always easy to detect.

What are the virtues of foot massages?

This practice promotes stimulation of the nerves by exerting pressure on the nerve endings of the feet and thus balances the vital organs by evacuating stress and impurities. If you suffer from insomnia, this massage is for you because by balancing the body it allows you to relax and enjoy a restful sleep.

For optimal results, use the services of a reflexology specialist or a massage therapist. This will put you at ease so that you are in the best conditions to enjoy this wellness session.

Here is the typical sequence of a foot massage:

The person massaging you should coat his hands with oil so that they adhere perfectly to your feet and perform a massage from top to bottom starting with the toes. It is then necessary to move slowly towards the center of the arch of the foot to stimulate the organs which are in the thorax by massaging with the palm of the hand. After massaging the soles of the feet, make a slight circular movement around the ankles before massaging the tops of the feet and finish with the legs.

Here are the strategic points you can focus on according to your needs:
  • The toes correspond to the nerve endings
  • The point connected to the heart is on the left foot
  • The area of impulse of the liver and stomach is located in the right foot
  • The heel represents the intestine
  • The ankles are linked to the reproductive organs

Before proceeding to the massage, consider preventing your massage therapist if you are suffering from any illness. People with diabetes should be vigilant as some movements can skew the level of insulin produced by the pancreas. As for the heart people, they must absolutely report it so that no manipulation leads to excessive stimulation of the heart.

This massage is strictly forbidden to pregnant women during the first trimester, for those whose pregnancy is between four and nine months, imperatively ask the advice of your doctor.

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