Coarse salt is a powerful substance that sterilizes and cleanses the environment of negative energies and clears your pieces by forming an invisible shield. The fact that it is an electrical conductor allows it to absorb all the negative waves of your home.

The Origin of Salt

Salt is perceived as a precious commodity since antiquity, especially in ancient Rome where it was compared to gold and silk, both in cost and value. Some workers were paid in salt and the quantity depended on the work they did, this practice is also at the origin of the word salary from the Latin "salarium" which means money to buy salt.

The use of salt according to cultures:

In antiquity, it served as an offering to the Gods for spiritual protection

In Assyria, it was used to perform religious rituals

In Egypt, it allowed the embalming of important people

In Greece, it was considered a symbol of purification

In Hebrew culture, it was also a symbol of purification and in some rituals it was used in the covenant of God with the Jewish people

In Christianity, it was used during baptisms and placed on the lips of children to purify them

In the Middle Ages, salt removed evil spirits by being placed in the chimneys of houses

In Africa, the new houses are washed with water and salt to repel the bad waves before moving in

In Japan, salt is thrown at the entrance doors of houses to eliminate bad energies
Since the dawn of time, salt has been regarded as a real weapon for dealing with negative energies and chasing evil spirits in most civilizations.

It is a crystal used to purify environments invaded by negative energies thanks to the electromagnetic waves it emits and which can be measured by dowsing. Salt has the power to eliminate negative waves emanating from electromagnetic fields, to which living beings would be sensitive.

How to use salt to remove bad energies?

Here are two methods to repel the negative energies of your home:

Let's start with the simplest of filling small cups with coarse salt and placing them in every corner of your house. This salt is used to purify your home and hunt bad waves; To avoid it being saturated with energy, it must be changed every three weeks so it will absorb a maximum of bad waves.

The second method is a bit more constraining, you need to fill a half glass with coarse salt and the remaining half with water (the number of glasses depends on the number of pieces to be purified). Then put the glass in the part concerned without forgetting to put a small saucer underneath. In contact with the coarse salt, the water will evaporate and the salt will overflow the glass. Once the salt has dried, take the time to wash the glass and the saucer outdoors (balcony, terrace or garden) or more drastically, throw your dishes in the trash to eliminate all the bad energies that Have been absorbed.

These two methods are equally effective for you to choose the one that suits you best and which seems to you the easiest to execute.

More tips

You can also harmonize your interior using simple little tricks in accordance with your daily life:

Put 3 pinches of refined salt in a glass filled with water and arrange it behind the front door of your house; Change the water once a week to strengthen the barrier against negative energies.

After having organized an event at your place (party, dinner, reception), wash all the dishes with coarse salt to eliminate all the bad waves emitted by your guests.
Put a little salt in all the corners of your house (on the floor) and let it purify the environment to adjust the positive energy; This practice is to be renewed once a month after cleaning the salt with a vacuum cleaner.

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