Avoid Sudden Infant Death

It is the terror of young parents, a phenomenon that is all the more frightening because it remains unexplained. What is called sudden infant death is the death of an infant under one year of age (usually 2-4 months), although it is a priori in perfect health. However, even if the precise causes are not known, preventive measures must be adopted to reduce the risk, unless it is prevented. Here they are :

Lying baby on the back to make him sleep

This position allows the baby to have a clear nose and mouth to breathe easily.

Avoid Cluttering the Baby Bed

The number of accessories on the bed (quilt, fluff, bumper, blankets) must be limited to allow air to circulate around it and to prevent an object from falling onto the baby. To prevent the baby from getting cold, go for big pajamas and buggies.

Make sure the room is tempered

Ideally, the room where your baby sleeps is kept at a temperature of 19 or 20 ° C. Colder, it could catch cold or be hypothermic. Warmer, it may choke. Moreover, it is necessary to air this room every day and to banish the perfumes of atmosphere and the incense.

Avoid sleeping with your baby or, at least, be very careful

Especially if it is your first child, the idea of making him sleep in your bed may seem reassuring. This is not false because it is believed that babies could stretch their breathing on those they hear in their sleep. Having said that, you must exercise extreme caution. There are co-sleeping cradles that ensure you do not crush it into your sleep by reserving space for the baby. If you do not have one, do not lie with your baby unless you have consumed alcohol or, of course, stagger, in order to be alert. If you have smoked, shower, change and brush your teeth before going to bed, so that tobacco smells do not obstruct your bronchial tubes.

Give him a pacifier

A study conducted by an American pediatrician association suggests that the pacifier may have a preventive action against sudden death. Breastfeeding would keep the baby in a half-sleep state and stimulate his / her breathing.

In addition to these basic tips, experts discuss other factors that could prevent sudden infant death, such as breastfeeding, sleeping on a flat surface (without a pillow), and the absence of companion animals Whose hairs can have an irritating effect on the respiratory system).

In addition, you should be especially careful and consult your pediatrician in case of: baby ailments, frequent respiratory diseases, gastroesophageal reflux important. In any case, keep in mind that these measures are purely precautionary, since sudden infant death remains unexplained.

This is why parents who have the misfortune of arriving should not be guilty: not knowing what precautions must be taken, everyone is reduced to taking what he can.

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