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Plastic surgery is a fashion phenomenon that attracts both men and women. Whether it is liposuction, rhinoplasty or breast augmentation, cosmetic surgery specialists must meet all types of demands. This is notably the case of Doctor Phillip Craft, who decided to remodel his wife entirely so that it serves as a model.

Dr. Craft is a world-renowned surgeon in the world of aesthetics, owner of a clinic in Miami and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Even though he is involved in all aspects of plastic and reconstructive surgery, he specializes in breast, facial and body surgery. Her artistic vision of the trade earned her renown in breast augmentation and body sculpture.

Custom remodeling

Recently, Doctor Craft talked about him because he completely transformed the body of his wife Anna to serve as a model for her clients.

After twenty years of marriage, and after having two sons, Phillip Craft decided to practice many interventions on the body of his wife, then 43 years old. She became his muse, the centerpiece of his career that he was able to personalize as he pleased. Anna says "Phillip loves to customize his sports cars, furniture and more than anything to customize me. After having two children, I decided to let him perfect. He increased my breasts, sculpted my waist and made different injections in my face. Phillip even carved my stomach so I look like chocolate bars! ".

Following a breast augmentation, liposuction, backside implants, modeling in her waist and abdominal, Anna now wears her new perfect body and her silhouette refined with pride. She was also given injections of botox and filler to the lips and cheeks.

Proud of the result, Doctor Craft does not miss an opportunity to exhibit his wife in order to promote his clinic and his work. "I always tell my patients that if they want to see how well I am a good surgeon, they just have to look at my wife. It embodies perfection, "he boasts.

One of the reasons that prompted Anna to consider these interventions is her first pregnancy. In fact, as a result of the delivery, she was upset by the changes her body had undergone but was not determined to take the plunge. However, after giving birth to her second son in 2005, she was determined to find her body of yesteryear.

She started with a breast augmentation that simply made her addicted to the bistoury. Having a blind confidence in her husband, she gave him carte blanche to transform his body so that it recovers the forms of his youth. The latter boasts of having completely redesigned his wife, "thanks to my surgical interventions, she is even more beautiful than when I met her at 22 years old".

The Effects of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has evolved into an established and democratized practice. However, all surgical operations are not trivial and can have serious consequences.

Anesthesia, whether general or local, is not without risk because it can have unpleasant consequences (allergies or rashes) or even fatal (death).

Haemorrhage, which may suddenly appear as a weak bleeding (in this case it is reabsorbed itself) or important.

The infection, which can appear a few days after the procedure and which may require hospitalization if it worsens.

The surgical wound (s) whose length of healing process varies according to size and depth.

Beyond the physical consequences, surgery can also have psychological effects. Research at the University of Laval has shown that using breast augmentation increases the rate of suicides by 73%. This is mainly due to the fact that women who decide to undergo breast augmentation are fragile and lack confidence.

They are often victims of the dictates imposed by society and the media that put forward more and more "perfect" women presented as models to follow. These women risk developing a certain addiction and chain operations without taking into account the risks they incur.

It is therefore essential to ensure the professionalism of the surgeon and to request several opinions in order to be sure of you and especially to find the doctor who knows how to reassure you and to put you at ease.

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