How To Look Younger

For many people, making love is the most enjoyable activity that can exist. But in addition to bringing pleasure, love making has considerable health benefits. They are all the more important if your relationship is based on mutual support and empathy, and if you and your partner are compatible both physically and emotionally. What if your love making helped you look younger?

The influence of love on age

According to David Weeks, researcher and neuropsychologist at the Royal Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland, the secret to appearing ten years younger is to make love three times a week. Weeks and his team surveyed more than 3,500 men and women from America and Europe, aged between 18 and 102 years, on a variety of lifestyle issues. All participants had one thing in common: they looked young for their age. A jury of six volunteer judges estimated their age between 7 and 12 years younger than their actual age.

The results of this experiment show that an active intimacy life is the second determining factor of an apparent youth. Weeks says however that cuddling more than three times a week does not bring additional benefits. Only physical activity has been proven to be more important than love making in the delayed aging process. Frequenting people of all ages and hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women also influence this process.

He says, however, that occasional love making and infidelity do not extend life or promote a youthful appearance. Moreover, they generally contribute to the premature aging of the skin, due to stress and emotional tensions.

Love and stress

Dr. Barbara Bartlik, a professor in the Clinic of Psychiatry, highlights the fact that couples who practice regular room sports manage stress better. It is also conducive to conjugal harmony, favoring its perenniality.

Love and health

But that's not all ! Repeated leg parts in the air not only help reduce blood pressure, but also release chemicals that strengthen the immune system. They also reduce the risk of stroke and heart attacks by almost half. They stimulate the venous circulation and muscle the heart.

In addition, making love protects against prostate cancer - self-stimulation also plays an important role to protect against breast cancer. On the male side, about 20 ejaculations per month would reduce the risk of cancer by a third. In women, oxytocin, a hormone released during the stimulation of the nipples, would help remove carcinogens from the mammary glands.

Forget the excuse "not tonight, I have a headache"! And yes, the love making is a natural painkiller that would equate to the taking of two aspirins. It also has an analgesic effect: endorphins which is a kind of natural morphine. They contribute in particular to the relaxation of the body and thus facilitate the falling asleep.

Finally, love making burn fat. They would be more effective than walking and would burn an average of 200 calories per session.

So do not hesitate to have a good time with your spouse tonight, it will only be beneficial.

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