Serious Health Problems

Our bodies send us different signals to warn us that it is not going well! Many of them are either misinterpreted or taken lightly, especially when the signs are considered mundane. Only these innocuous symptoms can hide serious health problems. Discover in this article 6 signs that one should never neglect.

Here are 6 signs that seem harmless but can reveal different health problems:

Fragile teeth:

You avoid sodas, sweets and try to eat healthy all the time? You have an irreproachable oral hygiene? You visit the dentist regularly, but your teeth are fragile? The problem may not be of dental origin.

Indeed, fragile teeth can be a consequence of gastric reflux and people who suffer from it are much more likely to develop dental problems.

This can be explained by the increased acidity accumulated in the mouth, which can cause loss of tooth enamel. The teeth become more dull, lose their whiteness and can even become sensitive.

Baldness :

Baldness is a problem that mainly affects men between the ages of 20 and 35 years. This phenomenon is characterized by an important loss of hair accompanied by a release of the forehead and the top of the head. The causes of baldness are numerous among which an excess of male hormones, genetic predisposition or stress. Many men do not live well their hair loss, for its unsightly side, and rarely worry about what it can reveal about their health!

Indeed, according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology and conducted on 39,000 men, some types of baldness would be linked to a higher risk of aggressive prostate cancer. The results of the study showed that men who have a bald brow and an early tonsure are 40% more likely to have an aggressive form of prostate cancer, unlike those who do not suffer from baldness.

Disorders of writing:

Changes in writing often go unnoticed until someone makes us notice! But after reading this, you will certainly pay more attention to it.

Changes or disorders of writing are among the most common symptoms of Parkinson's disease. They appear in the early stages of the disease and often cause the sufferer to consult. These disorders often manifest themselves in a reduction in the size of the characters as well as a difficulty in beginning the writing.

The disorders of writing are caused by a muscular rigidity that blocks the fluidity of the writing, but also by a slowing of the movements both related to the Parkinson's disease.

An index longer than the ring finger:

The size of the fingers has been studied by many researchers in order to establish a link between it and the character of the person. But did you know that it can also reveal schizophrenia?

Indeed, according to a study published in the journal Clinical Anatomy, the length of the fingers of men can tell a lot about their mental stability. The study was conducted on 103 schizophrenic men, 100 healthy men. They compared the size of their fingers and concluded that in schizophrenics the index of the right hand was longer than the ring finger of that same hand compared to healthy men.

This fact can be explained by a significant exposure to high levels of testosterone in the uterus. This can not only impact brain development, increase the risk of schizophrenia in the baby, but also influence the size and length of the fingers.

Inability to do mental arithmetic:

We are certainly not all good at mental mathematics, but when the simplest operations become difficult to achieve, there will have to be worry.

The difficulty in making simple mental calculations, is part of the early symptoms of Alzheimer's. This disorder, which is characterized by memory problems, also causes cognitive impairment and difficulty in reasoning.

Different studies have shown that computation disorders appear early in people with Alzheimer's and progress with the course of the disease.


Considered as a real inconvenience rather than a health problem, snoring can be the warning signs of serious disorders.

Indeed, according to a study conducted by researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit in the US, snoring can impact cardiovascular health. Indeed, the latter are linked to a thickening of the internal walls of the carotid arteries, responsible for the transport of blood to the brain. This thickening therefore represents a precursor of heart disease and increases the risk of attack.


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